The Jews have a holiday of General fun

The Jews have a holiday of General fun
Moscow. October 2. INTERFAX - on Friday evening, the Jews have a holiday of fun - Sukkot, which reminds them of the miracles that happened to them in the desert during the entire forty-year period of their wanderings.
In an address to fellow believers, Russia's chief Rabbi Berl Lazar noted that we are all going through a difficult time, and one of the main problems of the pandemic is the stress it causes, which often turns into panic.
"Doctors are already openly warning that the most serious consequence of the epidemic promises to be psychological trauma caused to people by their own fear. Not only does it prevent a person from acting rationally, it also weakens the body's defenses, makes a person vulnerable to coronavirus and all other diseases!" he said, adding that Sukkot teaches a lesson on how to avoid such a condition, and called for using the days of the holiday to get out of the current trials more confident and strong.
President of the Federation of Jewish communities of Russia Alexander Boroda, in turn, urged to believe that sincere spiritual joy directly affects the world order, brings harmony and kindness to it.
"May God bless each of you with health and well-being, and all the days of Sukkot will be filled with fun!"- he wrote in his address.
In Sukkot, Jews set up huts in memory of the temporary homes of their ancestors after the Exodus from Egypt. In ancient times, during the existence of the Jerusalem temple, 70 bulls were sacrificed to Sukkot - according to the number of peoples inhabiting the earth, in order to atone for the sins of all mankind.
Sukkot lasts seven days. During the entire time of the feast, Jews are required to hold meals with bread and wine in the hut. As explained by Rabbi Boroda, this way Jews "on a physical level" remind themselves" how shaky everything that seems reliable", and make "visible that our life is in the hands of God".
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