The mufti of Dagestan fell ill with coronavirus with his entire family

The mufti of Dagestan fell ill with coronavirus with his entire family
Moscow. May 4. INTERFAX-the Mufti of Dagestan Ahmad Abdulayev and his entire family moved COVID-19, said the wife and adviser to the spiritual leader of Dagestan Aina Gamzatova.
"The mufti has been the worst patient in our family for the past two weeks. Thanks to a well-structured treatment Protocol, we managed to avoid connecting to a ventilator and other extremes. Now we are ( ... ) at the stage of recovery," Gamzatova writes on the website of the Spiritual administration of Muslims of Dagestan.
At the same time, she appeals to the authorities with a request to provide the necessary technicians to the third city hospital of Makhachkala, which is planned to be converted into a hospital for the treatment of coronavirus patients. "The hospital has been hanging in the air for two years without funding ( ... ) 30 million rubles, which this year the FMS finally allocated for the hospital, only allowed the therapeutic Department to exist and perform some operations in the surgery Department. Other, ready-to-use, excellent offices were both closed and are still closed. Because, as always, there is no money, " Gamzatova said.
According to her, lying in the clinic, she and her husband twice needed CT scans, for which they were transported to other hospitals in the city. "Tell me, will these three doctors be able to take each patient around the city in ambulances for CT scans? You know it's impossible!"  Gamzatova writes.
"Therefore, I ask each of you, as well as appeal to Dagestani patrons, to any person with opportunities: please connect, everyone who has a heart and material goods , in order to launch the third city hospital to help the population now, at this difficult time. This is very important, " she notes.
For his part, Roman Silantyev, head of the human Rights center of the world Russian people's Council, an Islamic scholar, confirmed the concern of the Muftiate of Dagestan about the situation in the Republic. "I would recommend that the authorities take very seriously the information of the traditional Muslim clergy of Dagestan and their requests. And, according to my data, the situation requires additional assistance from the Federal authorities," he told reporters on Monday.
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