Russian Ummah is undergoing decentralization - Islamic scholar

Russian Ummah is undergoing decentralization - Islamic scholar
Moscow. August 19. INTERFAX - currently, Russian muftiats are striving for independence, according to Islamic scholar Roman Silantyev.
"Now we can observe active decentralization of the Russian Ummah, but this decentralization does not bother the authorities any more. The resources of the presidential administration, which in 2020 gathered a record number of specialists in Islam, as well as the new powers of the Fund for support of Islamic culture, science and education allow us to work normally not only with two or three main centers, as before, but also with all centralized religious organizations of Muslims," Silantyev wrote in an article published on Wednesday in the newspaper NG-Religion .
According to the Islamic scholar, this is more profitable for Muslims, "since material assistance, grants, and quotas for Hajj will reach directly, without sequestering by intermediaries."
As an example, the expert cited the withdrawal of the Ivanovo Muftiate from the Spiritual Board of Muslims of Russia - this step was supported by the spiritual boards of Muslims of Mordovia, Tatarstan, Penza region and the Asian part of Russia, and in mid-August, the Ivanovo mufti signed a cooperation agreement with the Moscow mufti and the head of the Spiritual Assembly of Muslims of Russia, Albir Krganov.
In addition, the Islamic scholar noted that The Central Muftiate headed by Anar Ramazanov, a former Imam of the Poklonnaya Gora mosque, has been operating in the capital for a year.according to Silantiev, he has withdrawn five or six Moscow communities from the DUMA of the Russian Federation and created another centralized religious organization on their basis.
The spiritual administration of Muslims of Russia, headed by mufti Ravil Gaynutdin, was established in 1994 in Moscow as an organization of Muslims in the Central European region, and it was only granted all-Russian status in 2014. Before that, only the Central spiritual administration of Muslims under the mufti Talgat Tajuddin was considered such a centralized body.    For the full text of the article, see the section "monitoring of print media".
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