In Europe, the level of ethnic and religious hostility is growing-report

In Europe, the level of ethnic and religious hostility is growing-report
Brussels. April 21. INTERFAX-the office of the Commissioner for human rights of the Council of Europe continues to record the facts of offenses based on ethnic and religious hostility, according to a thematic report on the results of 2019, published on Tuesday.
"Anti-Semitism, Islamophobia and anti-Roma sentiment have reached an alarming level. Cases of desecration of cemeteries, attacks on people in religious clothing or wearing religious symbols, attacks on objects of worship do not stop in a number of European countries," the report says.
The document expresses concern about inappropriate treatment of illegal immigrants or people hoping to obtain asylum in some European countries.
"In a number of member States of the Council of Europe, there is a growing conciliatory attitude towards illegal actions and acts of inhumane treatment of people trying to cross borders. The lives of thousands of migrants are at risk due to short-sighted decisions by a number of countries to reduce the scale of search and rescue operations in the Mediterranean, " the report notes.
The office of the Council of Europe Commissioner for human rights understands that the main resources and efforts of many European countries are now focused on fighting the COVID-19 pandemic and preserving the lives and health of millions of people in Europe, but stresses that once the pandemic is brought under control, States will have to redouble their efforts to address long-standing shortcomings that seriously damage dignity and human rights.
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