In Egypt extended the curfew during Ramadan

In Egypt extended the curfew during Ramadan
Dubai. April 23. INTERFAX-the Egyptian Authorities have decided to extend the curfew imposed to combat the spread of the coronavirus during Ramadan.
"The partial curfew will remain in effect from 21: 00 tomorrow until 06: 00 in the morning. This measure will be in effect until the end of Ramadan, " Arab media quoted Egyptian Prime Minister Mustafa Madbouli as saying.
Egypt imposed a curfew on March 25. Initially, it started at 19: 00, but in April, these measures eased slightly. It became effective from 20: 00.
Restaurants in Egypt are closed, only delivery and takeaway food are possible. During Ramadan, stores in the country will be open until 17: 00. It is also expected that from next week in Egypt will begin to resume the work of state institutions.
According to the Ministry of health of Egypt, since the beginning of the spread of the coronavirus, 3.6 thousand cases of the disease have been registered in the country, 276 of them were fatal.
On Thursday, at sunset (about eight o'clock in the evening), the Muslim Holy month of Ramadan began. The end of Ramadan marks Eid al-Fitr - the holiday of reconciliation, which will last three days. This year, it will fall on may 24.
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