All four of those who died from COVID-19 in Ingushetia took part in collective religious rites

All four of those who died from COVID-19 in Ingushetia took part in collective religious rites
*** Authorities urge everyone to pray at home
Magas. April 17. INTERFAX - All four elderly people who died in Ingushetia in a few days with coronavirus belonged to the same religious movement and participated in collective religious rites.
"All the deceased were Haji murids, public figures, including mufti Abdurakhman Martazanov. Village elders took part in religious events, collective prayers, and dhikr in various localities in the region, despite calls for self - isolation," the regional government told Interfax.
The Agency's interlocutor noted that the first victims of coronavirus in the region are more than 60 years old, and elderly people with weakened immunity have a high chance of getting infected at religious events with a large crowd of people.
At the same time, the administration of the Malgobek district informed the Agency that, despite the calls of the authorities and well-known theologians of the Republic to observe the regime of self-isolation during the spread of the coronavirus in the region, a mass "dhikr"ceremony was held in the village of Novy Redant the day before.
"After the video from the place of a religious event with a mass gathering of people appeared on Instagram, the head of the district Khamzat Doltmurziev met with religious figures of the village of Novy Redant, who allowed the meeting against the background of a difficult situation," the Agency's source said.
Dollarsas together with the members of the Commission for emergency situation prevention, law enforcement authorities and village head held with religious leaders in-depth conversation. At the same time, he noted that all over the world, including in Russia, special measures have been introduced to combat COVID-19. the Clergy of the Republic "taking into account the current situation, took unprecedented measures with a heavy heart to protect people." For this purpose, visits to funeral and other events are minimized. Friday prayers have been temporarily stopped, because in a number of Muslim countries the virus was spread during collective services.
"Violation of the regime of self-isolation and irresponsible behavior is extremely unacceptable on the part of religious figures, as it can lead to infection of a large number of people. The municipal authorities called on everyone to pray at home, try to work remotely, spend more time with their family, and not endanger the health and life of their relatives and friends," the source added.
As the Agency was informed in the Ingushetia operating staff, as of April 17, almost two thousand tests for a new coronavirus infection were conducted in the Republic, 191 samples were positive. The increase in infected people per day was 38 people, 22 people recovered.
The Haji murids are followers of the Sufi Sheikh Kunta-Haji Kishiev, who was born at the end of the XVIII century. His teachings were based on the ideas of goodness, unity, lack of excesses, purity of thoughts and submission to the Almighty.
Dhikr is an Islamic spiritual practice that consists of repeatedly reciting a prayer formula containing the praise of God. Dhikr in Islam developed mainly as a meditative practice of Sufism.
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