Victims of political repression will be remembered on Solovki

Victims of political repression will be remembered on Solovki
Arkhangelsk. August 21. INTERFAX - memorial Days for victims of political repression will be held in the Solovetsky archipelago (Arkhangelsk region) on August 23-28.
According to the website of the Spaso-Preobrazhensky Solovetsky monastery, among the planned events are a memorial event on the alley of memory, a litiya at the settlement cemetery near the mass grave of prisoners, a presentation of new publications of the Solovetsky Museum-reserve and Solovetsky monastery, a literary and musical composition about scientific activities in the camp, as well as a concert of piano music.
One of the main events of the memorable days will be the VI international scientific and practical conference "History of the country in the fate of prisoners of the Solovetsky camps".
Solovetsky monastery was founded in the 1420s-1430s. In 1992, the complex of monuments of the Solovetsky Museum-reserve was included in the UNESCO world heritage list, in 1995-in the State code of especially valuable objects of cultural heritage of the peoples of the Russian Federation.
Solovki became infamous during the years of Soviet repression. In 1920, the Solovetsky monastery was liquidated, in its place were organized the state farm "Solovki" and a forced labor camp, and from 1923 until the end of the 1930s there was one of the first concentration camps for opponents of the Soviet power - the Solovetsky special purpose camp (ELEPHANT). Religious activity in Solovki resumed only in 1990.
In memory of the victims of political repression, the Solovetsky stone was installed on Lubyanskaya square in Moscow.
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