The Yekaterinburg diocese has said it is ready to engage in the spiritual enlightenment of the supporters of the disgraced schemamonk Sergius

The Yekaterinburg diocese has said it is ready to engage in the spiritual enlightenment of the supporters of the disgraced schemamonk Sergius
Yekaterinburg. August 21. INTERFAX - Building a dialogue with supporters of the defrocked schemamonk Sergius (Romanov), second day in a row suiting of the action at walls of the Yekaterinburg diocese, is complicated by the fact that the former associates chiyoumen do not have full understanding about the life of the Church, reported "Interfax" the head of the missionary Department of the diocese, father Daniel Ryabinin.
"Unfortunately, there are some nuances that prevent a full-fledged dialogue with those who have returned to the territory of the Yekaterinburg diocese today, offering some thoughts and speeches in an organized manner regarding not only the former schiigumen Sergius (Romanov), but also in General on certain Church and social problems, as they think," father Daniel said.
According to him, the supporters of father Sergius voice some memorized theses, including theological ones, which they themselves do not really understand.
"We are talking about a certain local Cathedral. Here we need to understand what the local Council is in General, in which cases and by whom it is initiated and organized, in relation to what," father Daniel gave an example.
He also noted that the accusations of heresy voiced by supporters of the former schiigumen are "a serious action that should not be committed without Foundation and cannot be based on rumors and speculation."
"The interpretation of Church canons is a whole discipline. Just standing with a piece of paper and a certain statement, which is not clear who prepared it, is not a serious thing. These points prevent a full-fledged dialogue, " the source said.
The diocese noted that they do not deny the former merits of the schiigumen Sergius: the construction of churches, assistance to the needy, etc. But this is how the entire Orthodox Church lives - hundreds and thousands of parishes where the faithful, as one family, pray together, perform acts of charity, build churches, and restore monasteries.
And all this is in the bosom of the Church - none of the priests calls their parishes to protest and does not accuse the Church authorities of far-fetched sins, father Daniel stressed.
According to him, there is a feeling that several dozen followers of schemonach Sergius who come to the diocese for the second day "live in a parallel reality of their own".
"They compare their lives only with what the schemamonk Sergius told them. This is very sad, because it shows the psychological dependence of these people on their Confessor, who brought them not to Christ, but to himself," said the head of the missionary Department.
"Today the issue is directly related to the fact that the former Abbot Sergius departed from the Russian Orthodox Church. This is schismatic activity, when a group of individuals splits off from the official Church. It is a misfortune and sorrow for us, Orthodox Christians, to see how the followers of schemonach Sergius and himself perish for eternity, " explained father Daniel.
"We also need to pray for the former schiigumen Sergius, so that God will help him overcome the temptation that entered his heart due to various circumstances," the source said.
Father Daniel noted that the mission Department of the Yekaterinburg diocese is ready to organize a series of conversations with the supporters of schemonach Sergius to help them understand the essence of what is happening and the theological issues that they are trying to raise.
On Thursday and Friday, actions of father Sergius ' supporters took place outside the Yekaterinburg diocese. Earlier, a decree was issued by Metropolitan Kirill on the transfer of female residents of the monastery to other women's monasteries in the Sverdlovsk region. After that, father Sergius called his supporters to a procession "in defense of the monastery".
On July 3, the diocesan court found father Sergius guilty of violating his monastic vows and priestly oath and defrocked him. On July 24, the Patriarch approved the decision of the diocesan court on the eruption of Romanov from San. Meanwhile, Romanov stated that he did not intend to leave the territory of the Sredneuralsky monastery.
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