Police have arrested suspects in the theft of six icons from a monastery in Chuvashia

Police have arrested suspects in the theft of six icons from a monastery in Chuvashia
Nizhny Novgorod. August 25. INTERFAX-law Enforcement officers found icons stolen from the Alexander Nevsky monastery in Chuvashia, the website of the "Ministry of internal Affairs media" reported on Tuesday.
According to police, 15 August the monks reported that unknown persons broke a window and entered the temple where kidnapped six icons of the baptism of Jesus, the Martyrs George and Demetrius of Thessalonica, great Martyr and Healer Panteleimon, God Almighty with the upcoming and also the image of Prince Alexander Nevsky with the relics.
The police found that the kidnapper was in the temple the day before, where he took several photos. After the theft, he and an accomplice took the Holy objects out by car.
The suspects were arrested in the Vladimir region in hot pursuit.
"Three stolen icons were seized by the police in the car of one of the detainees. According to him, for each of the partners planned to receive about two thousand euros," - are reported words of the official representative of Russian Ministry of internal Affairs of Irina Volk.
The remaining icons were found in a road drainage system in the Vladimir region and in the premises of an idle gas station in the Nizhny Novgorod region.
"The defendants simply threw them out, considering them to be of no value," Wolf said.
A case was initiated under part 2 of article 158 of the criminal code (theft). Both suspects have been taken into custody and a number of examinations have been ordered. The icons will soon be returned to the Church.
Источник: http://www.interfax-religion.ru/orthodoxy/?act=news&div=75581
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