Patriarch Kirill urged to limit tourism to Solovki

Patriarch Kirill urged to limit tourism to Solovki
Solovki. August 20. INTERFAX-Patriarch Kirill called on the Russian authorities to grant the Solovetsky archipelago a special status that will restrict tourists from visiting it.
"We need to talk to the Ministry of culture, the leadership of the presidential administration and the government about how the regime of visiting Solovki still differs from the regime of visiting any other place. After all, you can clutter up this place instantly. And create a trend that will be difficult to reverse later: people will fly to Solovki and behave like in any other place, " the Patriarch said at a meeting of the Board of Trustees for the development of the Solovetsky archipelago.
If you do not limit the visit to Solovki by tourists, this, according to the Patriarch, will have a bad impact on both "physical ecology, nature" and"spiritual ecology, culture". Solovki, as the Patriarch stressed, can turn "into a state house, but then it will be destroyed."
The Patriarch believes that we need a regime that would not be dangerous "for the ecology (with a capital letter) of this wonderful place." Often monasteries that were originally places of seclusion become objects of tourism, which, as the Primate of the Russian Orthodox Church noted, "is a great test for the brotherhood".
The Patriarch noted that in the year since his last visit to Solovki, the runway was reconstructed, which "will not have a special load" that affects the environment and spiritual life. However, a Parking lot for planes was built next to it.
"The huge Parking lot that was built is, in my opinion, unnecessary," the Patriarch said.
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