Builders of the main Church of the armed forces of the Russian Federation received awards

Builders of the main Church of the armed forces of the Russian Federation received awards
Cuban. August 23. INTERFAX-More than 600 people who took part in the construction of the main temple of the Armed forces of the Russian Federation, erected in honor of the Victory in the great Patriotic war in the Patriot Park near Moscow, were awarded state and departmental awards, Russian defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said at the ceremony.
"I went up to this stage to say words of gratitude and worship to all those who took part in the construction of this temple (...) In General, more than 600 people were awarded departmental and state awards, " the Minister said.
"It is incredibly difficult to speak when there are people sitting here, each of whom has contributed to this project. It is difficult, because everyone wants to say thank you, everyone wants to shake hands. I will try to do it as far as I can," the head of the defense Ministry continued.
He noted the great work of a large number of volunteers, artistic and technical councils and builders. According to the Minister, there were days when up to 8 thousand builders worked on the site.
"I would like to say a word of gratitude to our artists who put their whole soul and talent into this, and today I can say that we have succeeded," Shoigu said. - I want to thank the architects. I would like to thank all those who have invested at least a ruble here. There are many of them, tens of thousands of them."
He thanked the companies that brought bricks, bronze, and aluminum for free, and provided the construction site with cranes for free. The defense Minister expressed special gratitude to the military attaches who managed to collect land from all military graves and burials around the world.
"Therefore, it (the Cathedral - if) is really popular. And thank you all from me and from those who come here, " the Minister concluded.
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