Tripoli rejected Haftar's initiative for a truce during Ramadan

Tripoli rejected Haftar's initiative for a truce during Ramadan
Brussels. April 30. INTERFAX - the government of national accord of Libya (GNA) on Thursday refused to observe a truce in the Holy month of Ramadan for Muslims, which was unilaterally declared by the commander of the Libyan national army (LNA) Khalifa Haftar, Western media reported.
The statement notes that the NTC "does not trust" this initiative of the LNA. Also in Tripoli, they promised to continue to defend themselves against "any threat, wherever it exists, and to destroy groups that are outside the law."
Currently, there is a dual power in Libya. The country has a UN-recognized NTC in Tripoli and a so-called Eastern government that supports Haftar. Since April 2019, his army has been storming the Libyan capital.
On April 25 Haftar announced his withdrawal from the Skhirat agreement on the peaceful settlement of the conflict and the formation of the NTC: it was signed on December 17, 2015 in Skhirat (Morocco). Haftar also said that the LNA takes control of all the territories under its control. However, on Thursday it became known that the LNA command announced the suspension of hostilities for the month of Ramadan.
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