In Japan, the cat became the abbess of the temple

In Japan, the cat became the abbess of the temple
Moscow. August 19. INTERFAX - in the Japanese temple of Nyan-Nyan JI, opened in 2016, the cat Koyuki was appointed abbess, while the other cats living in the temple have the status of monks.
The Creator of the temple, whose name translates as "meow meow Sanctuary", is called Kaya Junko. the idea to found such an unusual sanctuary visited her in 2011, after the earthquake in Japan, the newspaper "NG-Religion" reported on Wednesday.
Monk cats are given special clothing that is sewn individually according to the size of each animal. The temple has an altar, there is a large number of figurines, sculptures, figurines and other images of cats.
This is not the only temple in the country dedicated to cats.  Another" cat " temple, Neko no Miya, is located in Yamagata Prefecture, in the village of Takahata. Japanese people visit Neko no Miya to pray for the gift of health to their Pets. In case of death of an animal, people also go to Neko no Miya and ask the gods to send a happy afterlife to their beloved cat.
In addition to temples dedicated to these animals, there are many cat cafes in Japanese cities. Since 1987, the country has been celebrating a special cat Day. It takes place on February 22. On this day, people arrange a holiday for their Pets and pamper them with delicious treats.For more information, see the section "monitoring print media".
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