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The Amish (also known as Amish Mennonite) are members of an Anabaptist Christian denomination who are especially known for their separation from society, rejection of most modern technology, and distinctly conservative dress...

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The Baptists are one of the largest Christian denominations. As indicated by their name, the primary Baptist distinctive is their practice of believer's baptism and corresponding rejection of infant baptism.

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Evangelicalism is a tradition within Protestant Christianity characterized by an emphasis on active evangelism (converting others to the faith), personal conversion and faith experiences, and Scripture as the sole basis for theology and practice.


Lutheranism is based on the teachings of Martin Luther, a German monk and professor who has been called the "Father of the Reformation." In 1517, he famously protested against the Roman Catholic Church and their sale of indulgences...

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Unlike other Christian denominations, Methodism did not arise as a result of doctrinal dispute, but out of an emphasis on practical Christianity...

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## What is Pentecostalism? Pentecostalism is an expression of orthodox Christianity, which emphasizes the Holy Spirit in belief and practice...

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Presbyterianism, whose bodies are also called Reformed Churches, share a common origin in the 16th-century Swiss Reformation and the teachings of John Calvin, and today is one of the largest Christian denominations in Protestantism...

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Quakers (Society of Friends)

The Religious Society of Friends was founded by George Fox in England in the 1640's. Fox was a staunch critic of the mixing of faith and politics in the Church of England, especially as it related to war...

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Seventh-Day Adventism

The Seventh-day Adventist Church (abbreviated SDA) is a Christian denomination that grew out of the prophetic "Millerite" ) movement (i...

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