Medicine Buddha


In Buddhism, Medicine Buddha is the common nickname of Bhaisajyaguru, also known as the Master of Healing or the Buddha of healing. Bhaisajyaguru is described in the Bhaisajyagurus Sutra as a bodhisattva who made and fulfilled 12 vows, two of which were related to healing. On achieving Buddhahood, he became the Buddha of the realm of Vaiduryanirbhasa in the eastern quarter.

The veneration of Medicine Buddha, the Supreme Healer (Sangye Menla in Tibetan) is considered a powerful method not only for healing and increasing healing powers both for oneself and others, but also for overcoming the inner sickness of attachment, hatred, and ignorance. It is believed that meditating on the Medicine Buddha can help decrease physical and mental illness and suffering.

The Medicine Buddha is typically depicted seated, wearing simple clothes, with a jar of medicine in his right hand and the left hand held up in the gesture of fearlessness.

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