Martin Luther Timeline

1450 Gutenberg invents movable type
1483 Luther born in Eisleben (November 10)
1484 Luther family moves to Mansfeld
1497 Luther attends school in Magdeberg
1498 Luther attends parish school in Eisenach, staying with relatives
1501 Luther begins study at University of Erfurt
1502 Receives Baccalaureate in the Liberal Arts
1505 Receives Master of Arts; plans for law school
1505 Caught in a thunderstorm, pledges to become a monk (July 2)
1505 Enters Augustinian monastery at Erfurt
1506 Takes monastic vows
1507 Ordained priest
1507 Begins study of theology at University of Erfurt
1512 Luther receives doctorate in Theology
1512 Begins work as Professor of Theology at U of Wittenburg
1514 Becomes priest of Wittenberg's City Church
1514-15 Lectures on the Psalms
1515-16 Lectures on Romans
1516-17 Lectures on Galatians
1517 October 31- Posts 95 Theses on the castle church door
1517-18 Lectures on Hebrews
1518 Inquisition on Luther begins in Rome
1519 Death of Emperor Maximillian - Rome distracted from Luther
1520-21 Freedom of a Christian, Babylonian Captivity, Address to German Nation
1520 Inquisition on Luther taken up again
1520 Papal bull Exsurge Domine issued (June 15)
1520 Luther burns bull and canon law with students (December 10)
1521 Excommunicated in Rome (January 3)
1521 Arrives at Diet of Worms (April 16)
1521 Departs Worms (April 25)
1521 Kidnapped by Frederick, taken to Wartburg Castle (May 4)
1523 On Secular Authority
1524-25 The Peasants' War
1525 Bondage of the Will and Against the Murderous, Thieving Hordes of Peasants
1530 Edict of Worms
1531 Smalkaldian Alliance formed
1543 On the Jews and Their Lies
1546 Death of Luther in Eisleben on February 18
1546-47 Smalkaldian War
1892 Luther's grave is opened - his remains remained! (February 14)
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