Jewish Ritual Objects


As in many religions, the practice of Judaism involves several different kinds of ritual objects, ceremonial garb, religious utensils and symbolic items that give expression to faith.

Some of these "Jewish things" are traditional or customary (though still required by some sects), but many others are based on specific divine commandments recorded in the Bible and therefore highly important.

Examples of the former are the yarmulke and the Star of David; the latter include the mezuzah, the tallit, and the tefilin. Click a link below to explore the history, meaning and rituals associated with various Jewish articles and objects.

Click a link below to explore the history, meaning and rituals associated with various Jewish articles and objects.

Things Jews Wear

  • Kittel - white robe
  • Shaytl - wig
  • Tallit and Tzitzit - prayer shawl and fringes
  • Tefilin - phylacteries
  • Tichl - headcovering for women
  • Yarmulke/Kipa - skullcap

Things in a Jewish Home

  • Matzah - unleavened bread
  • Menorah - candelabrum
  • Mezuzah - doorpost scroll

Things in the Synagogue

  • Ark and accessories - storage for the Torah
  • Bima - platform
  • Mechitza - divider
  • Menorah - candelabrum
  • Musical instruments
  • Ten Commandments
  • Torah scroll and accessories
  • Synagogue windows
  • Yad - Torah pointer

Things for Holidays and Special Occasions

  • Chuppah - wedding canopy
  • Dreidel - Hanukkah toy
  • Get - divorce document
  • Haggadah - prayerbook for Passover
  • Matzah - bread for Passover
  • Ketubah - marriage contract
  • Sukka - booth for Sukkot


A kittel is a white linen robe worn by Jewish men on special occasions to signify purity, holiness and new beginnings. Traditionally, a Jewish man first wears a kittel on his wedding day, thereafter on certain Jewish holidays like Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur and Passover, and ultimately as a burial shroud...


A mezuzah (from the Hebrew for "doorpost") is a small parchment inscribed with short Torah passages in Hebrew. The parchment is rolled up, placed in a decorative case, and attached to the doorpost of Jewish homes...


## What is a synagogue? In the Jewish religion, worship services take place at a synagogue, a building for prayer and the study of God, which replaces the ancient Temple...


The tallit (also spelled talit; Yiddish tallis; plural talitot) is a prayer shawl worn by Jews during weekday morning services, on the Sabbath, and on holidays...


Phylacteries or tefillin, are two small black leather boxes worn on the left arm and forehead by observant adult male Jews. The leather boxes of the tefillin contain scrolls of Torah passages, specifically Exodus 13:1-10, 11-16 and Deuteronomy 6:4-9, 11:13-21...

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