The Divine Spirit, called "ECK."


Spiritual Exercises of ECK: mantras, meditation, and dreams. These enable Soul travel and spiritual growth.


Shariyat-Ki-Sugmad and books by Harold Klemp.

Eckankar is a new religious movement based on a 19th-century Indian tradition called Sant Mat, which centers around surat shabd yoga, "yoga of the sound current." Eckankar focuses on spritual exercises enabling practitioners to experience "the Light and Sound of God."


Eckankar Beliefs

Eckankar teaching is considered an advanced form of surat sabd yoga (yoga of the "Sound Current"), which concentrates on physical and spiritual techniques that enable the soul to travel beyond the physical limitations of the body to the higher spiritual realms of the 'Sugmad' - the formless, all-embracing, impersonal and infinite equivalent of God in theistic religions...

Eckankar practices

'Chelas' (students or members) practice spiritual exercises in their own homes and at their own pace. "Eckankar teaches over one hundred different exercises, all designed to give you a greater understanding of yourself and of God...

Eckankar sacred texts

The Shariyat-Ki-Sugmad, "Way of the Eternal," written by Paul Twitchell, is the sacred text of Eckankar. Other important Eckankar texts are books by the current leader, Harold Klemp.

History of Eckankar

Eckankar was founded in Las Vegas in 1965, when Paul Twitchell (c.1908-71), who had previously been among the first Scientology 'clears,' declared himself to be the 971st Eck Master...

Timeline of Eckankar

The history of Eckankar Timeline at a glance.

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