Golden Quran with casing


Items that embody the Muslim faith may decorate both home and workplace. Each Quran contains a piece of the master’s soul which gives the product special beauty and light.

It is a long-known truth that a book is the best gift. The tradition of giving books is rooted in the Middle Ages. Typography in Europe originated in the 15th century, when typesetting was invented. Gradually people switched from laborious manual copying of books to printing on machines. Of course, in those days, book was a rather scarce thing and had a high value in the eyes of the owner. Book was a real and almost the only source of knowledge. Since only monks had the right to print books, they were not sold freely. But they could be presented as gifts to loved ones, nobles, and gentlemen.

At present, in the age of rapid technological development and widespread enthusiasm for electronic books, paper book lovers still remain. It is for such people who care about the rustling of turning pages, Zlatoust masters create unique books in casingswith unique patterns because the artist paints pictures on metal by hand.

The casing for the Quran, the holy book of Muslims, is made in the style of Zlatoust engraving on metal, covered with gold of the highest standard, decorated with jewelry stones. The pattern on the front and back sides of the casing is made in oriental motifs with Arabic script. The Quran is published in Arabic.

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