Woman in Islam: a slave or a Queen?


Woman in Islam: a slave or a Queen?

The media constantly publishes reports that the "Islamic state" turns women into slaves. All this is supported by information that refugees attack women, and this includes the obligation to wear a headscarf. In Europe, all these rumors or facts can not cause anything but rejection, as a result, the already not very favorable image of Islam worsens, as far as the attitude to women is concerned.

But if you put aside the culture, traditions and political trends in Islam, how do Muslims really treat women? I will try to tell you my vision in this regard.

What is Islam?

In fact, Islam and above all the Koran, written in the 7th century, preserve archaic gender roles. Men get food and fight, and women cook and raise children. Thus, we can understand that the issue here is not the Koran or Islam, but how it is interpreted. If we take for example some Islamic countries (Saudi Arabia or Iran), then the fundamentalist reading really prevails in them. This means that all these archaic roles are really assigned to women. But if we consider the example of other countries (Morocco, Syria, or even Turkey), on the contrary, a fairly free reading prevails. Women enjoy various privileges, can vote, and so on. However, there is no doubt that women in Islamic countries are less free than in European countries. And if we talk about direct violations of human rights or even oppression, this applies only to archaizing countries, which are not so many.

What is the reason for the oppression of women in certain Islamic countries?

If we look at some countries, the oppression of women is mostly related to local traditions, but not to religion. In these countries, historically, women are not given advanced roles. Trying to find some kind of relationship, it becomes clear that Islam has nothing to do with it, just there are certain folk rules and customs. Very often, they do not even associate with Islam in any way. The Koran and Sunnah simply preserve the archaic.

The Koran says that initially, every woman should be the Keeper of the home. In General, there is not much information about the role of women in the Qur'an. As a rule, in the Islamic tradition, emphasis is placed on the special role played by the virgin Mary or Maryam (the mother of God for Christians). She is praised as a very respectable, highly respected woman, which from the point of view of Muslims means that famous women are very much revered by them. Well, it was explicitly written in the Koran that women are bad or that men are higher than women-there is no such thing. The Koran is a question of faith and disbelief, the theme of "old prophets – new prophets", the struggle for faith. That is why korna is not specifically dedicated to the topic of the status of women.