How many years does God grant a person?


How many years does God grant a person?

This post will be dedicated to Orthodoxy – the faith that can save us for eternal Life, if we try to do what the Lord and the Holy mother Church teach us with God's help.

I would like to talk about how many years God has allowed a person. How many years can we live? The common opinion is 70-80 years old. However, you should be careful here, because each of us is given according to our faith. I admit honestly, it is very sad to look at people who live in this set period of time and believe that it is time for them to die. Those who are already over 80, do not rush.

When God created man, his life was not limited to a specific time period. But having sinned, he himself withdrew from the source of life. That is why his stay on earth was reduced to 963 years. So many years lived Methuselah.

Then sin began to increase, and the Lord said, "My Spirit will not be forever neglected by men, because they are flesh; let their days be one hundred and twenty years" (Gen. 6: 3). So, the next restriction of a person's life became equal to 120 years. Of course, for modern people, this age is quite old, but here we should also agree that 120, this is not 963 years. Judge for yourselves. At the time when these words were uttered, Noah was not even 500 years old, but he lived 950 years, and 350 years of them after the flood. His son, SIM, was born 100 years before the flood and lived only 600 years. Again, it's a long way from 120.

Some theologians believe that the 120 years that God speaks of only apply to those people who were doomed to perish in the waters of the flood. People who lived after the Flood are considered long-lived by our standards, since they lived for more than 120 years. Thus, the son of Shem, Arphaxad lived 565 years, and Abraham 175 years.

The following restriction on the time of life measured to a person is mentioned in the Psalm: "The days of our years are seventy years, and with a greater fortress – eighty years." This verse is very often quoted by people of advanced age, who do not even suspect that they are thus falling under the curse through identification with those to whom it is addressed. This Psalm was written by Moses when he was in the wilderness. Moses himself lived for about 120 years, and Joshua for 110 years.

We should agree that 70-80 years and 120 years are a big difference. Therefore, dear Readers, be prepared to live about 120 years, as the Lord promised us! To do this, you need to agree with Him and not limit your life to years. In General, even 120 years is not the limit.