What colors are better not to wear for Muslims?


What colors are better not to wear for Muslims?

Recently I saw an interesting topic about what colors it is better not to wear for Muslims. I found this interesting, so I decided to take a look at the question and give clear answers.

So, many people know that in Islam there are many quite strict restrictions regarding appearance. For example, it is forbidden or undesirable for Muslims to wear clothing in certain colors. Why is this so, and what colors are we talking about? Let's figure it out.


In Islam, black is not associated with mourning, so it is allowed for both men and women. In one of the hadiths, it is said that the messenger of Allah, Muhammad, was dressed in a black turban on the opening day of Mecca.


The prophet Muhammad said: "Wear white clothes." Verily, they are the best of garments. And wrap your dead in white." According to legend, he was also very fond of white clothes. Teachers of Islam recommend that men wear white ISAR and Rida during the pilgrimage.


It is also allowed. This is evidenced by the words of Abu Rims: "I saw the messenger of Allaah, peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him, who was wearing two green robes."


Islamic scholars have not reached a consensus on the acceptability of wearing clothing in this color. Someone believes that red is not worth wearing (makrukh), and someone is sure that you can wear such clothes if there are other colors in it. The third group of scientists is inclined to believe that you can wear red without any restrictions. Let's go deeper into the question. In the Sunnah and the Koran, there are really no direct prohibitions on red clothing. The corresponding hadith reads: "What Allah has permitted in his Book is permissible, and what he has forbidden is forbidden. As for what He did not mention, it is also permissible."

Any prohibitions on the wearing of red robes are indirect. The only authentic hadith that mentions the prohibition of red clothing is the hadith from ANAS, which says: "The messenger of Allah forbade red al-Masar". However, "al-Masar" is the floor, which was carpeted mounts infidels.

Yellow and orange

The only reliable ban is for "al-mu'afar" - orange or bright yellow, but it only applies to men. Women are not forbidden to wear yellow. For what reasons was the saffron color (bright yellow) forbidden? Sheikh al-Albani States: "The meaning of banning saffron-colored clothing is to liken it to infidels or women. However, if over time what was likeness disappears, then the ban on it disappears, because the meaning of this ban is associated with likeness." But Muslim Ulema still say that it is better to refrain from wearing bright yellow (saffron) clothing.