Taishang Lao Jun in Taoism


Taishang Lao Jun in Taoism

Despite the fact that Lao Tzu existed in reality and can be attributed to post-Divine Deities, if you go deeper into all the religious trends of Taoism, it is perceived as the Highest Divine manifestation. It is for this reason that Lao Tzu holds the following titles:

* The Highest Ancestor Is Taishan.

* The Old Sovereign Is Lao Jun.

In fact, Lao Tzu is a personified image of the Tao. Many believe that it first appeared on this earth in the 27th century BC, when the Emperor Huin-di ruled. Then Lao Tzu was his spiritual mentor of Haunches Tzu. After that, his self-rebirth occurred in the 5th century BC in the form of himself in the body of his own matter ("jade maiden"), being conceived from solar energy, condensed into a five-colored pearl, and swallowed by it. He spent 81 years in the womb, which allowed him to embody all the perfection (9 Yin multiplied by 9 Yang) and was born at the most favorable time in which a Sage could be born.

Lao Tzu lived for about 200 years, after which he ascended back to Heaven. Lao Tzu-the source of all Creation, the personification of the Highest Wisdom, has the power to create and destroy the Universe.

In images of the Divine Supreme Manifestation (Taishan Lao Jun), he is dressed in a mantle, sometimes covered with trigrams, sitting on a throne, holding in his left hand a vessel filled with the elixir of immortality. In the other hand, Taishan Lao Jun has a "fan-fan", which is the embodiment of the Sun and moon. It is for this reason that it has the ability to balance or strengthen the Yin and Yang energy in the Universe. In this form, he looks like the Deity of the highest Purity Realm of Tao Te Tian Zun. Perhaps there are other images of Lao Jun that show him in a completely different way. As for images of the incarnate Lao Tzu, he often appears before our eyes in a simple dress, riding on a water Buffalo.