Those who make promises easily find it difficult to keep their word


Those who make promises easily find it difficult to keep their word

In the far East, the process of enlightenment is considered complete when the student fully absorbs the teachings that will become the natural essence of his being. In Japan, this state is called "Zen", and in China – "Chan". The achievement of this state occurs when the teaching turns into a law for a person, which works "automatically", on an instinctive level. For example, if you are just beginning to master the skills of driving a car, Then you just can't help but think about the gearbox, the brake, and how to handle the steering wheel correctly. However, time passes, and everything is brought to automatism. Chan doesn't need much thought. For those who wish to become a spiritual person, the principles of Tao must become Chan. This must be an integral part of You, otherwise you will not be able to achieve this state.

When Chan appears in us, we do not just get the same skill that allows us to act on the level of instincts. Chan is the formation of one of the most important principles – the ability to live in the present moment. If You can recognize that reacting to the moment is everything, then we can act instantly. We can't know the future, and the past is already in history. When driving a car, we react to the situation that develops on the road, i.e. to other cars that are in the stream ahead of You and not to those that you overtook half an hour ago. In life, everything is exactly the same. Each of us should live in the present day, reacting exclusively to it, and not getting stuck in the past or worrying about the future. If we live every day as the last, we can learn to appreciate life, learn to enjoy every minute of it, and this is the key to achieving well-being.

In China, it is generally believed that enlightenment occurs in two ways. According to one school, the state of manifestation of the state of Chan occurs suddenly, after years of preparation, like a bright flash of awareness. According to other teachings, the attainment of the state of Chan is slow, along with the study and assimilation of the principles of Taoism. However, both schools agree on one thing – enlightenment can come only after many years of loyalty to the chosen path and work on yourself.

For modern Western thinking, devoting many years of labor to achieve your goal is not the best idea. Western people are used to eating fast, losing extra pounds in 5 days, using high-speed Internet, getting loans in 2 minutes, watching news stories lasting 30 seconds, retelling classics of literature on 10 pages. If in China, medicine focuses on the prevention of diseases, which takes years, in the West, they try to recover as quickly as possible by taking a miracle pill or using superlaser surgery.

For the average Westerner, deep devotion to something is as alien as hieroglyphic writing. I'm sorry to say this, but this activity is almost the only one that Americans can be completely and completely devoted to.