Deep attachments – small divine abilities!


Deep attachments – small divine abilities!

The best example of how social goals prevail over individual goals is a person's dedication to their work. This is best shown in relation to residents of the United States and countries that imitate them. In the United States, the love of work is widely professed in the "work ethic". At the same time, the concept of "work" was greatly distorted. This is far from a certain amount of work that is performed to get funds to pay bills. In the modern sense, work is an effort that should bring pleasure to a person. If a person constantly talks about their love for work, they demonstrate to society how loyal they are. At the same time, society itself puts the label "good person"on people who work hard.

Today, there is a blurring of the boundaries between work and leisure. If we talk about leisure, this time is especially precious, since during this period a person can truly enjoy life. Unlike work, it brings real, not fictional pleasure. However, today the situation has developed so that for many, work has become this fun pastime. The employee knows about this, so the profession forms his self-esteem, and everything that happens around him is somehow connected with professional pride.

Work in its new form is a kind of game with money and power, which are obtained as a kind of bonuses, in the Protocol, where the results of life are indicated. The modern Westerner gets satisfaction from receiving these bonuses, getting more and more money, gaining more and more prestige. It is becoming more popular in society. If "blind" people take part in competitions, it is natural that they will play against their own interests. Americans who can no longer work are forced to spend the rest of their lives in constant anger, as they begin to realize that they have spent most of their lives replenishing Bank accounts. And they were forced to do it fraudulently.

Since Taoism teaches interaction with the world, it allows you to learn to understand your own innermost desires. This is an opportunity to learn to adhere to your natural desires without noticing the false values of society. A good mentor can convey to the student the basics of philosophy that will be required for a successful life.

To achieve enlightenment, you need to live a perfect day. One of the discoveries that is made in the course of planning a perfect day is that a lot of things that give us pleasure have a very low price. For book lovers, there are free libraries. Fans of Hiking, do not have to pay for anything. For fishing, there is an inexpensive bait, and for drawing – quite affordable paints. To sit at a table with family and friends for a long time, you will need only one bottle of wine.

There is only one problem – free time for all this, which is quite difficult to buy. The real cost of a perfect day is equal to the cost of Your time. You've probably heard of the phrase: "Time is money." In the modern world, the traditional way of life, which is made in order to get a more spacious house or car, requires money, which is why our leisure time is significantly reduced. In order to move up the career ladder to get a higher salary, we are exposed to more stress due to high responsibility. It takes away our freedom.

As we age, our perfect day moves further and further away. We are offered everything on credit, which is a gross Western deception, and not only Western. Through enlightenment, your mind becomes clear, which makes it possible to determine what the perfect day is. Lao Tzu's gift to our world is the result of a life where the perfect day becomes the day when suffering is eliminated.