A man who is truly lost will not get out of his delusions!


A man who is truly lost will not get out of his delusions!

In addition to others who act as the most important source of disorder, there are other, more organized sources of this disease. We are talking about the family and other social institutions that were created over the centuries in order to impose certain values of society on the population. Who is spreading the contagion of false values? Everything is very clear here – political and public organizations, churches, universities and schools.

Not so long ago, when the family was the structure necessary for survival, children, regardless of where they grew up, necessarily provided comprehensive assistance to their parents in back-breaking work. At the same time, the fathers taught their sons the craft, taught them to hunt, which allowed them to provide meat for the whole family. As for the daughters, they cooked, looked after their younger siblings, and washed and washed with their mothers. Each child helped their parents as much as they could.

In those days, the existence of families was not easy in physical terms, but it confirmed the values that were based on reality. Natural death was only part of family life, since grandparents lived in the same house with their children and grandchildren. In the moments when the older ones died, for the younger generation, it was a kind of lesson in the cycle of life.

To live in a modern Western country, you no longer need to have a family. Parents don't always take responsibility for how their child learns to survive in the real world. The result of all this is a disordered relationship between parents and children who, as they grow up, have values that run counter to reality. Family values in the US are no longer based on survival. They are brought out of the dreams of chattering priests, scientists of public institutions, and politicians.

Throughout history, public institutions were created solely for the benefit of the ruling classes, the main purpose of which was to provide guarantees for the smooth functioning of society. Because of this behavior of the members of society, they became like robots. Most often, such institutions support favorite artificial values, threatening those who disobey with death or prison.

As for industrial society, its institutions need to be provided with daily control of the masses. Society transmits information to the public in the most sophisticated ways, from television and movies to radio, magazines, Newspapers, or the Internet. This is a great opportunity to manage your population, which leads to an amazing result. This daily flow of information is called "propaganda".

The most powerful and pervasive media is television, which promotes many values of society that are completely contrary to reality. Today, in the West, television is perceived as a banal entertainment, its impact seems invisible and innocent. Typical Westerners spend about 5 hours a day watching TV. They are perceived as fictional values for an accurate reflection of reality. Even if the audience understands that television is unreal, they still learn the values embedded in the programs.

On TV, they show how everyone is doing well and how much Hollywood stars earn. However, what do those who have not been able to become a star and do not earn millions do? How can an ordinary person succeed? This is the moment when suffering comes. The more a person corresponds to the ideal people invented, the more difficult it is to achieve an unattainable image. Often, the longer this goes on, the worse the situation becomes. In spite of this, all the media bring down on ordinary people values that promote their ideals, which in the real world have absolutely no support.