Are Muslim women forced to wear the hijab?


Are Muslim women forced to wear the hijab?

There are a lot of false rumors about Islam, and people who do not know the exact answer have no choice but to believe in this untrue information. I am often asked whether it is true that Muslim women are forced to wear the hijab almost forcibly. I decided to answer this question to put all the dots.

So, for those who do not like to read a lot and who do not have time, I will say right away. No! This is not true! Muslim women do or do not do this solely of their own free will. Don't you believe me? Watch the Skam series, namely series 5 and 6. Even better, watch all the episodes with Sana, where She says that this decision is her personal one. You will not miss this moment, as she says it 20 times.

If we look at the hijab from the point of view of other cultures, it is something akin to the vanished Atlantis. There are a lot of secrets and riddles in this question.

Myths about the hijab

First, I want to talk about the myths about the hijab, which have absolutely nothing to do with reality:

· In some sources, I have read that the hijab is worn by a girl at the age of five and she must wear it throughout her life. Of course this is not true. They wear it when they reach puberty. At the same time, if the girl does it earlier, then this decision is her personal.

· It is also untrue to say that a woman should wear a hijab without removing it (unless something is only in the shower, but even then the head should be covered with a towel). I don't know who will make it up, but of course it's not true either. First, try to wash your hair in a towel, and second, Muslim women should not wear a headscarf at home, next to their husband, brothers and father. The meaning of the hijab is that a woman gives beauty only to her man, and not to everyone around her. By the way, the burqa is worn for the same reason.

· It is also not true that the hijab can only be purchased in a Muslim store. Well, of course, when it is torn or polluted, a girl who lives in another country should buy a plane ticket and fly home to buy a new headscarf. Hijab is an ordinary headscarf that can be purchased in any store. Muslim headdresses do not assume a specific shape, style and color, it is only important that they are not illuminated and cover everything except the face. If there is a desire, the girl can even wear a multi-colored scarf with polka dots, and there will be nothing forbidden in this. Thus, Muslim women do not violate the commandments and laws.

· And perhaps the last untruthful fact that the ritual of tying the hijab takes 15 minutes or more. I want to reveal a secret. There is no ritual at all, and the duration of tying the hijab does not depend on the ceremony in any way. Here, only the girl's skill comes to the fore. If she knows how to do this, she will tie a handkerchief in 30 seconds, but if she does not know how, then 3 hours will not be enough for her to achieve the result.

True facts about hijab

I have dispelled a few untruthful facts, and I consider my mission accomplished, but here I want to tell you a little about the true facts:

· The hijab is prescribed by the Holy Koran. Of course, this is true. Muslim women are required to follow the teachings of the Koran and cover themselves from the eyes of men who are not their fathers, brothers or husbands. Thus, a woman feels 100% protected, always looks dignified and modest.

* The head is covered not only by adherents of Islam. This is also true, of course. Even in Christianity, women do not have the right to enter the Church without a headscarf, so this is not surprising.

Well, I hope this was informative for You. He dispelled some myths and confirmed some facts. I will try to write something interesting about Islam as often as possible.