Reincarnation in Hinduism


Reincarnation in Hinduism

Namaste. Today I want to talk about one of the foundations of Hinduism – reincarnation. Of course, India is only one of the countries that believe that souls migrate after death. This is not just because Hinduism is practiced by people from different countries. The very concept of reincarnation of the soul is characteristic of many religions. In particular, it is often found in the beliefs of various traditional tribes around the world.

Let's go into the question in more detail. In Latin, "reincarnation" means "reincarnation". In Hinduism, this process is referred to as "Punarjanma". To put it even more simply, reincarnation refers to the transmigration of the soul. People who believe in it believe that not the body has a soul, but the soul has a body. After the body dies, the soul leaves it and changes it, just as a person changes clothes when they are no longer fit to wear. However, the soul does not have the ability to choose any body that it likes. What kind of body a person will be reincarnated in depends on their karma in a previous life. If a person in a previous life behaved unworthily, then he can reincarnate in the body of an animal or bird.

At the same time, if a person has died, but he has many unfulfilled desires or unfinished business, the rebirth of the soul into a new body is impossible. It will bend between the worlds until all desires come true, and things will not find their logical conclusion. According to beliefs, before rebirth, the soul must be freed from memories from a previous life. For this reason, when performing post-mortem rituals, Hindus beat the deceased on the head. It is believed that this helps the soul to forget its life. No matter how hard you try, 100% erasing your memories is an impossible task. They will remain, but they will be in the subconscious of the new being. Jews believe that our subconscious mind stores information about all the events that happened to our soul throughout all our lives on earth, but because the soul is not pure enough, we do not have the ability to remember all our lives.

According to Hinduism, any living creature has 7 lives, during which there is a constant rebirth of the soul. After the end of the last life, the soul becomes free. At the same time, during reincarnation, the soul cannot find a new body for itself instantly. This may take a year or even a dozen years.

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I believe that when a person dies, only his body, i.e. the physical shell, actually dies, and dreams, the mind, remain at the level of the subtle body, which later finds a new physical shell for itself. It is unclear only after what period of time this happens, but I understand that until the soul finds a karmically suitable body for itself. In reincarnation, the physical body first dies, then the soul transmigrates, and then is born in a new body. As for the fact that all memories are not completely erased, I do not agree.

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