What is the Bible: a list of rules or a collection of literary works?


What is the Bible: a list of rules or a collection of literary works?

Many of us very often make from the Bible a kind of list of rules that should be followed at all costs. But if we look at it in this way, we are missing something very important. The Bible does not speak of rules, but of Jesus. It should be considered in the context of a relationship. Therefore, the main goal of reading the Bible is far from the desire to get to a particular Chapter as soon as possible. The Bible is an opportunity to meet Jesus on this path.

What is written in the Bible?

For many, this question will seem strange, since any religious person who reads the Bible, probably discusses and thinks about its contents, and many simply know by heart. Christians call the Bible a collection of books that make up the Holy Scripture, i.e. a collection of religious and religious-philosophical books. These books are recognized by the Christian Church as inspired by God, since they were written by the Holy Fathers under the influence and with the help of the spirit of God. The Holy Apostles testify that the Lord God himself was the inspiration for writing and composing the Bible.

For me, the Bible is 66 books that are tightly intertwined with a single theme. And most importantly, the Bible is a single author: "the Words of the wise are like needles and nails driven in, and their authors are from a single shepherd" (Ecclesiastes 12:11). To divide the Bible into large or small parts is, in my opinion, a completely meaningless task, just as it is completely meaningless to divide the Bible into "current" or "canceled" parts.

All over the world, the Bible is called the book of books. This book is the most important, standing above all others for the reason that in the Bible you can read about all life situations that occur with a person. This book gives the right advice on how to behave correctly in a particular life situation. Also in the Bible you can find everything that is required for a righteous life, as well as the salvation of man. From this, someone will conclude that the Bible is a set of rules, but in fact this is not the case.

At first glance, the Bible is a collection of literary works, mostly Hebrew. However, when we are interested in the circumstances under which they were written, we understand that various biblical documents were compiled at different times, with an interval of about 1400 years. The Bible was written by different authors who were in different countries at the time. The composition of authors is extremely diverse. The authors of the most important book were separated not only by centuries, but also by thousands of kilometers. The Bible was written by kings, shepherds, statesmen, fishermen, prophets, priests, doctors, and rabbis. The text of the Bible itself belongs to a number of literary genres: religious poetry, historical notes, lyrics, biographies, allegories and fables, diaries, and memoirs. The Bible is a whole, not just an anthology. The anthology is selected by the compiler, but the Bible did not have one. Every author of the Bible tells the same story: about the redemption of man by God.

Recently I saw an old, but very interesting video that perfectly reflects the essence of the Bible in my understanding for some 30 seconds.