Christian symbol


Christian symbol

For an Orthodox Christian, the whole world is a creation of God. This world is filled with meaning, beauty and various symbols. The Holy fathers of the Churches did not accidentally emphasize that the Lord created two books, the first of which is the Bible, where the love of the Savior is glorified, and the other is the world, where songs about the wisdom of the Creator are composed. A lot of deep symbolism is present in all Christian art as a whole. The symbol connects the visible and invisible parts of the split world, reveals the meaning of complex phenomena and concepts. Today I want to talk about the most famous and widespread Christian symbols, their significance and their importance in the modern world.

The most important symbol of Christianity is the cross. The cross can be depicted in different ways, and to a large extent it depends on the direction of Christianity. Many Christians can determine which Christian direction the Church belongs to just by looking at the image of the cross. In fact, crosses are different. It can be four-or eight-pointed, with the presence of two slats. However, its appearance is not as important as its meaning. The cross is a symbol of the sacrifice that Jesus made to atone for human sins. This is a sacred symbol that is very dear to every Christian believer.

Another symbol of the Christian religion is the symbolic image of a fish. In Christian symbolism, there are many symbols from the old Testament, namely doves and olive branches from the chapters dedicated to the Flood. Many parables and legends are composed about the Holy Grail, which was searched for by whole armies. This is the Cup from which Jesus drank with his disciples at the Last Supper. The Cup had wonderful properties, but its traces were long lost. From the new Testament symbols, we can also distinguish the vine (symbol-Christ), bunches of grapes and the vine-a symbol of the bread and wine of the communion, the blood and body of Jesus.

Some symbols of the ancient Christians were used to recognize each other, others were used to wear on the chest, and some symbols were the cause of wars. Thus, the symbol of chastity and prudence is a stork. The stork also symbolizes the coming of spring. The symbol of divine justice and the wrath of God is an angel with a fiery sword. The symbol of the resurrection and the last judgment is an angel with a trumpet. Purity and innocence is symbolized by a white Lily or a rod that is crowned with white lilies. The symbol of new life is a butterfly. It also symbolizes eternal life. If we talk about bad symbols, about what symbolizes greed and greed, causes associations with the devil, then in Christianity such a symbol is a squirrel. The symbol of hermit life and solitude is considered to be a crow, and the symbol of evil-an Apple.

According to tradition, in any plan of the Christian Church there is the cross of Christ, which acts as the basis of eternal salvation, the circle is a symbol of eternity, a square, a symbol of the earth, where the Nations converge at the temple on all four sides of the world. Of course, these are not all symbols that are traditional for Orthodox Christians, but this symbolism is quite significant and characteristic.