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How do I prepare to become a godmother?

If You have been asked to become a godmother, it means that the parents of Your future godson or goddaughter respect and fully trust you. This is quite a serious step, so before you decide to accept or refuse this offer, it is important to know a number of certain points related to baptism.

First of all, the godmother must necessarily be a baptized Christian, since baptism is the first sacrament that a person begins in order to become a member of the Church of Christ. The sacrament of baptism was established by our Lord himself, who was baptized in the waters of the Jordan river by John by triple immersion. Today, children are also baptized three times by immersion in the font. The water that is used for baptism, consecrated by a special prayer, must be heated to a temperature that is safe for the child.

Godmothers should provide the child's biological mothers with comprehensive assistance in preparing the rite:

· Make sure to buy a cross with the image of a crucifix on it (in this case, the cross should be the smallest, preferably with rounded edges).

· The christening shirt must be made of natural fabric. Clothing should absorb moisture well, so that the baby is not cold and as comfortable as possible. The shirt should be long-sleeved, but it is better if the hand is open. The ideal sleeve length is considered to be¾. Also, the anavolium should not be too long, since the baby's legs are also anointed with myrrh. Length Anatolia should be a little below the knee.

· Kryzhma (diaper) for taking the baby out of the font should also be made of natural fabric, have excellent moisture-absorbing properties.

· The godmother should present her godson or her goddaughter with a bookmarked gospel that they can read when they reach the appropriate age. A silver named spoon is not given for christening, since this gift is usually given after the first teeth are eroded.

You won't need a chain for a cross at christening. To do this, it will be enough to provide a ribbon that can be purchased in any Church shops. Babies should wear body crosses all the time, and diapers and shirts should not have any ritual significance. As for the tradition of preserving kryzhma and anavoliy, this custom is popular and is associated with the belief that anavoliy and kryzhma will be able to preserve the grace of the sacrament (they were used to cover children in times of illness).

When and how did the tradition of baptizing small children appear? Why do you need a godmother? In the ancient Christian Church, those who wished to be baptized were already included in the Church community. At the same time, only adults were baptized. They had the right to pray with everything, but they did not receive communion. These people were called "catechumens". The announcement period was three years. During this time, people delved into the basics of the Christian faith, memorized prayers, listened to and read the Holy Scriptures. After the rite of baptism was performed, the person was dressed in white clothing, symbolizing the complete freedom of the soul from sins washed by the waters of baptism. Thus, a new birth for eternal life was taking place.

After Christians stopped being persecuted, it was a tradition to baptize young children. This is a kind of giving praise to God for their birth, and expressing in this way your intention to raise them in piety.

Why do I need to light the cross?

Many Orthodox people traditionally wear crosses. However, do you think about what exactly to do it for? Did you know that not every cross is suitable for wearing? Why should it be consecrated? I want to delve into this question and try to answer these questions.

Why do I need to consecrate a cross?

So, let's try to initially figure out what a cross is and find the reasons why it should be worn. If you think about it, the Lord is already in the heart of every Orthodox Christian. Each of us believes in the Lord and goes to Church. The question arises: "then Why do you need to wear any attributes, like a cross on your body?»

So. The cross simultaneously performs several functions. The first function is our profession of Orthodoxy. The one who wears a cross, thereby demonstrates to others about their faith. Of course, today, when the persecution of the Church is no longer found, there is absolutely no bold feat in wearing a cross. The second function is divine protection. However, it is not enough just to wear this attribute. The cross must be consecrated in the Orthodox Church.

Lighting up the cross, the priest gives his blessing to the person to wear it, and also calls upon him the Grace of the Lord. Only in this situation will the cross be able to perform protective functions and begin to protect You from evil forces. If the cross is not consecrated, it is nothing more than an ordinary decoration or attribute.

Wearing a cross is a tradition that originated in the early days of Christianity. They began to be openly worn already when the persecution and murder of Christians stopped in the 4th century, and in Russia they began to wear special cross-shaped boxes containing Holy relics more often (this allowed them to have the grace-giving power and help of saints). If we talk about the spiritual significance of wearing a cross, it is that by wearing it, Christians are crucified with the Lord and not only recognize the fact Of his crucifixion, but also vow to wear their cross throughout every day of their earthly life. Thus, we take an oath to fight against passions, sins, and promise not to do what the Lord wants. It is for this reason that the cross must be worn until death.

As for the place to buy a cross, this should only be done in the Church. Shrines that are purchased in the temple are used without fear. By purchasing them, you can be completely sure that they will fully comply with the Orthodox canons and will be consecrated. In addition, by purchasing a cross in the Church, we bring our monetary sacrifice to the Church. If the cross was purchased in a gift shop or on the collapse, then you should definitely visit the Church and show the Shrine to the priest, asking whether it is possible to wear such a cross to an Orthodox person or not. If the priest gives his blessing, then the Shrine must also be consecrated.

Church consecration of the cross

Of course, the best option is to buy a cross in the Church, since all the items there are already consecrated. For this reason, after the purchase, you do not need to do anything else with the cross, you can safely use it for your own wear or put it on the child at baptism. If for some people the appearance of the cross is an important point and it is purchased in a jewelry store, then in this situation the product belongs to the temple for consecration by the priest.

Initially, the priest examines whether the cross is correct, and then takes it to the altar, where it is consecrated. During the consecration, the owner of the cross must also be in the Church and pray.

Is it possible to have a child baptized before Easter?

Before deciding to baptize a child before Easter, i.e. on Holy week, it is important to remember that there are certain strict restrictions in food, as well as the strictest mood of this period of Church life. As a matter of fact, for what reason could this question arise at all? It would seem that there are no canonical statutory obstacles to perform the sacrament of baptism and the rite can be performed at any time. Perhaps there is some connection with the wedding? It has long been known that the wedding ceremony before Easter can not be carried out due to the fact that there are certain restrictions regarding food, as well as marital intimacy.

To get an answer to this question, you should first remember that baptism is the first sacrament performed by a priest over a person who has decided to become a member of the Church. There are 7 Church sacraments in total:

· Epiphany.

· Confirmation.

· Participle.

· Unction.

· Confession.

· Wedding.

· Priesthood.

If we talk about participation in the other six sacraments, then only baptized people are allowed to participate in them. In other words, enlightened.

Obstacles that arise for those who decided to baptize a child at Easter

Let's try to answer the questions first. How appropriate is it in an atmosphere where there are restrictions on food and strict adherence to a certain mood is required, to arrange a festive feast, which is often characteristic of the day of the christening? Is it normal for You will be the situation with the rejection of this significant event? Is it advisable to conduct it with an eye on the current restrictions of the post? No? Then the day of Epiphany is best set for days when there will be no fasting.

Are there any other reasons why some churches may refuse a request to baptize a child on the eve of Easter? Church people will give an obvious answer to this question. The thing is that the service in the temple with a fast goes every day. At the same time, the Liturgy and Vespers last a little longer than usual. The last week before Easter – Holy week-is a time for remembering the sufferings of Jesus Christ before the execution and his terrible death for the entire human race.

In the conditions of a busy and dense liturgical schedule, the Church may simply refuse to baptize a child on the eve of Easter. At the same time, the refusal will follow not for the reason that this can not be done, but because there will be no free clergy who could perform the rite of baptism. Often, this situation can be encountered in urban churches, where there are always a lot of parishioners.

The first Christians were baptized at Easter? Why?

Some may demand that their children be baptized just before Easter on the grounds that the first Christians performed this rite at this time. In fact, this was indeed the case. Baptism was held only four times a year, at the end of Lent, on the eve of the holiday. This was due to the fact that those who wanted to be baptized spent the entire Fast in preparation and prayer. At the same time, the rite of baptism was held immediately for everyone at the same time. Among the baptisms were exclusively adults.

If a person was going to be baptized, he was already considered a member of the Christian community, who was ready to give his life for his faith. At the same time, his intentions were kept secret. People who were preparing for baptism, prayed, studied the Scriptures, attended the Liturgy, but were not allowed to receive communion. Preparation for baptism took 3 years and there were no children at the baptism itself.

Wedding in the Orthodox Church: signs

Wedding is a responsible and important step in the life of every Orthodox believer. The wedding process is a real Church sacrament, in which people believe that God blesses their Union. At the same time, if the young people are faithful to each other, the Lord will give them his grace of unity for living together, as well as the birth and upbringing of children. Every Orthodox person believes in different signs that are associated specifically with the wedding day. Of course, from this You will not get a 100% guarantee that everything will happen exactly as they say in the signs, but if people believe in it and adhere to these tips, then it all happens for a reason.

Rules of conduct for weddings

On the day of the wedding, you should adhere to the basic rules of behavior:

* A Church wedding is not just a street event, but a real sacred sacrament, so it must be treated with respect.

· Do not laugh, talk, or walk around the temple during the service. By doing so, You are showing your disrespect to a priest who is genuinely happy about a new Union, who is praying to God for a blessing.

* If possible, repeat prayers so that the Lord can hear more than one voice. The multitude of praying voices is an examination of the faith and love of the bride and groom.

As for photos or videos at the time of the wedding, it is better to ask the Ministers about this in advance, so that the priest is not distracted from the consecration of the marriage by unnecessary fuss and outbursts.

Signs to the wedding

Since ancient times, many different beliefs and traditions have come to us with the Sacrament of marriage. I suggest to consider the most interesting and important of them. So, if the bride and groom, before entering into a Church marriage, swear to each other over the well of fidelity, then their love will be bottomless and eternal. Let the bride cry a little before the wedding, but these tears should not be from future life problems, but from the kind parting words of relatives. It is believed that if during the wedding, the young never look at each other, then in such a marriage there will be no infidelity.

To protect future family happiness from the evil eye, the bride and groom must attach a safety pin with the head down (the groom attaches it to the boutonniere, and the bride-to the hem of the dress). Before the wedding, in any case, you can not give anyone to try on wedding rings, just as you can not do it after the wedding. This sign indicates a break in the family. There is also a sign that the wedding with the rings of the parents is a repetition of their fate. So that the young do not need financial resources, before the wedding, the groom must put a coin in the right Shoe. You can not play a wedding with borrowed funds, as this means that the family will live in debt for the rest of their lives.

In order for the family to always have health, at the time of the ascension of crowns to the newlyweds, one of them must whisper that diseases do not marry them (the one who will whisper these words should be agreed in advance). After the wedding, the new family should be met by parents with a loaf, and hops are thrown under the feet of the young. Loaf is a symbol of family prosperity, and hops are a symbol of a fun and joyful life. Sitting down at the table, the husband and wife should cross their legs so that no cat runs between them. At a wedding, young people should not eat with one spoon. This will warn them against quarrels in the family.

Why do I need to put candles in a Church?

No matter what time you decide to visit the temple, you can always see a lot of warm light from a large number of wax candles. They can be small, large - it doesn't matter. The main thing is that each candle symbolizes that one person prayed to God. Despite the fact that this procedure seems very simple, many do not know how to properly put candles in the temple without violating various canons.

Why do they put candles in temples?

This is a fairly ancient tradition that dates back to the time when churches were equipped in the catacombs. Pagan persecutors, who pose a great threat to Christians, left them no choice but to hide in the catacombs dug underground. Naturally, it was dark in the catacombs, so both day and night people were forced to use oil lamps (at that time, wax candles, in the form in which we all know them now, were not yet widely used). The Christian faith was kept pure by the Orthodox Church at the expense of their conservatism. If some Catholic churches have already switched to electric lamps, then we, as well as 1000 years ago, it is customary to light real wax candles. The question is mostly about the material side of the question.

If we talk about the symbolic meaning of Church candles, it consists in the fact that our faith, like a lamp, dispels the darkness of unbelief. Each of our prayers is a kind of light that is lit before God. It is for this reason that inside the temples sometimes look like the sky, which is dotted with hundreds of stars.

Another meaning is the sacrifice. For this reason, candles in temples are always paid and differ in cost. It is not necessary to buy the largest candles, since their size will not affect how effective the prayer will be. You can always buy the smallest and cheapest candle, the main thing is that the prayer is sincere. At the same time, you need to believe with all your heart.

Is it possible to come to Church with their candles?

Of course, there are no such rules. Candles that were purchased in other temples will always be valid, and they can be placed in front of icons. The most important point is that the candle, in principle, was bought in the Orthodox Church, and not in a regular store. It is also worth remembering that buying a Church candle in the Church, you are donating funds for the maintenance of the parish. In fact, this is a very important point.

It is also important to understand that churches use only canonical candles, so those candles that You can buy in a store or supermarket (we are talking about scented candles, colorful products) - of course, will not work.

Why do Ministers put out candles in the Church?

Quite often, inexperienced parishioners are confused at the sight of Church employees who can extinguish the candle they have lit by throwing it into a special bucket where the stubs are. It is not surprising that a parishioner may have a very natural idea that all the prayers, all the awe with which he put the candle went to waste. Many people think that if the candle does not have time to burn out, then their prayers and requests will not be fulfilled.

It's not really like that. When you light a candle in a temple, you are not performing a ritual that has certain conditions. There is absolutely no difference whether the candle has burned out or not, whether it has been extinguished or not. Employees of the Church often extinguish candles to free up the candlestick for other parishioners, when there are almost no empty seats.

Thus, You can completely not worry about the fact that the temple attendant extinguished Your candle. At such times, it is better to be happy, because You are thus helping your neighbor, who until this moment would not have had a place.

About sin and the struggle with it

What is sin for You? Sin is iniquity, a violation of spiritual laws by a person. At the same time, violating physical and spiritual laws, a person brings trouble on himself, becomes on the path of self-destruction. Man is a spiritually-corporeal being consisting of body and soul. To maintain their vital activity and be healthy according to the laws of the physical world, a person must eat proteins, fats, carbohydrates, and vitamins. By violating the physical laws of existence (eating junk food), we are on the path of self-destruction. Admit. If a person drinks kerosene instead of water? For the body, such actions are unnatural, they entail not only diseases, but also lead to death. Let's look at another example. To protect your body, many people have long dressed in warm clothing. Again, by violating these rules, diseases are imminent. In the same way, sin acts, causing harm, having a destructive effect, but not on the body, but on the soul. This destruction is even more serious, because the body is temporary and the soul is immortal.

Under the concept of sin, it is necessary to perceive spiritual diseases. People who violate the spiritual laws of God begin to get sick in their souls. Sin brings torment not only to the sinners themselves, but also to the people around them. A person who commits sins causes suffering in others, especially if it is about the closest and closest relatives. For this reason, sin brings only misery and sorrow. And the most important thing is that when we commit sins, we distance ourselves from God, creating many obstacles that are harder to pass through. In Greek, the word sin is translated as a blunder. It is impossible to disagree, because many of us commit unconscious sins. If a person could have known beforehand how serious the consequences of sin would be, many of them would have been avoided. However, even unconscious sins bring mental trauma. Since sin appeared in this world, human nature has been very much distorted. But Christ the Saviour came to this world with the mission of healing our nature and saving people from sin. The Lord can destroy the diabolical power and point out the way of Christian life.

How to overcome sin?

You can only kill sin after you are cleansed of it. Sin must be washed away from the soul. John the Baptist did not just call people to repent by bathing in the waters of the Jordan river. It was a baptism of repentance. Confession is a kind of spiritual bath where each of us can be spiritually cleansed from our sins, come to God and ask for forgiveness, repent of sinful actions and receive forgiveness. Sins are washed away like dirt, and after purification, the soul gradually ceases to suffer.

Also, do not forget that a simple request for forgiveness is certainly not enough. Repentance is nothing more than a deep awareness of sin, a change in one's life. After repentance, it is important to make 100% effort to avoid repeating your sinful actions. The fruits of repentance are another condition for getting rid of sin. To overcome sin, it is important to bring the fruits of Christian life after repentance. To overcome sin, it is important to turn to the Lord, asking him for help. A person is very weak and infirm to cope with their spiritual sins on their own.

Christian symbol

For an Orthodox Christian, the whole world is a creation of God. This world is filled with meaning, beauty and various symbols. The Holy fathers of the Churches did not accidentally emphasize that the Lord created two books, the first of which is the Bible, where the love of the Savior is glorified, and the other is the world, where songs about the wisdom of the Creator are composed. A lot of deep symbolism is present in all Christian art as a whole. The symbol connects the visible and invisible parts of the split world, reveals the meaning of complex phenomena and concepts. Today I want to talk about the most famous and widespread Christian symbols, their significance and their importance in the modern world.

The most important symbol of Christianity is the cross. The cross can be depicted in different ways, and to a large extent it depends on the direction of Christianity. Many Christians can determine which Christian direction the Church belongs to just by looking at the image of the cross. In fact, crosses are different. It can be four-or eight-pointed, with the presence of two slats. However, its appearance is not as important as its meaning. The cross is a symbol of the sacrifice that Jesus made to atone for human sins. This is a sacred symbol that is very dear to every Christian believer.

Another symbol of the Christian religion is the symbolic image of a fish. In Christian symbolism, there are many symbols from the old Testament, namely doves and olive branches from the chapters dedicated to the Flood. Many parables and legends are composed about the Holy Grail, which was searched for by whole armies. This is the Cup from which Jesus drank with his disciples at the Last Supper. The Cup had wonderful properties, but its traces were long lost. From the new Testament symbols, we can also distinguish the vine (symbol-Christ), bunches of grapes and the vine-a symbol of the bread and wine of the communion, the blood and body of Jesus.

Some symbols of the ancient Christians were used to recognize each other, others were used to wear on the chest, and some symbols were the cause of wars. Thus, the symbol of chastity and prudence is a stork. The stork also symbolizes the coming of spring. The symbol of divine justice and the wrath of God is an angel with a fiery sword. The symbol of the resurrection and the last judgment is an angel with a trumpet. Purity and innocence is symbolized by a white Lily or a rod that is crowned with white lilies. The symbol of new life is a butterfly. It also symbolizes eternal life. If we talk about bad symbols, about what symbolizes greed and greed, causes associations with the devil, then in Christianity such a symbol is a squirrel. The symbol of hermit life and solitude is considered to be a crow, and the symbol of evil-an Apple.

According to tradition, in any plan of the Christian Church there is the cross of Christ, which acts as the basis of eternal salvation, the circle is a symbol of eternity, a square, a symbol of the earth, where the Nations converge at the temple on all four sides of the world. Of course, these are not all symbols that are traditional for Orthodox Christians, but this symbolism is quite significant and characteristic.

What is the Bible: a list of rules or a collection of literary works?

Many of us very often make from the Bible a kind of list of rules that should be followed at all costs. But if we look at it in this way, we are missing something very important. The Bible does not speak of rules, but of Jesus. It should be considered in the context of a relationship. Therefore, the main goal of reading the Bible is far from the desire to get to a particular Chapter as soon as possible. The Bible is an opportunity to meet Jesus on this path.

What is written in the Bible?

For many, this question will seem strange, since any religious person who reads the Bible, probably discusses and thinks about its contents, and many simply know by heart. Christians call the Bible a collection of books that make up the Holy Scripture, i.e. a collection of religious and religious-philosophical books. These books are recognized by the Christian Church as inspired by God, since they were written by the Holy Fathers under the influence and with the help of the spirit of God. The Holy Apostles testify that the Lord God himself was the inspiration for writing and composing the Bible.

For me, the Bible is 66 books that are tightly intertwined with a single theme. And most importantly, the Bible is a single author: "the Words of the wise are like needles and nails driven in, and their authors are from a single shepherd" (Ecclesiastes 12:11). To divide the Bible into large or small parts is, in my opinion, a completely meaningless task, just as it is completely meaningless to divide the Bible into "current" or "canceled" parts.

All over the world, the Bible is called the book of books. This book is the most important, standing above all others for the reason that in the Bible you can read about all life situations that occur with a person. This book gives the right advice on how to behave correctly in a particular life situation. Also in the Bible you can find everything that is required for a righteous life, as well as the salvation of man. From this, someone will conclude that the Bible is a set of rules, but in fact this is not the case.

At first glance, the Bible is a collection of literary works, mostly Hebrew. However, when we are interested in the circumstances under which they were written, we understand that various biblical documents were compiled at different times, with an interval of about 1400 years. The Bible was written by different authors who were in different countries at the time. The composition of authors is extremely diverse. The authors of the most important book were separated not only by centuries, but also by thousands of kilometers. The Bible was written by kings, shepherds, statesmen, fishermen, prophets, priests, doctors, and rabbis. The text of the Bible itself belongs to a number of literary genres: religious poetry, historical notes, lyrics, biographies, allegories and fables, diaries, and memoirs. The Bible is a whole, not just an anthology. The anthology is selected by the compiler, but the Bible did not have one. Every author of the Bible tells the same story: about the redemption of man by God.

Recently I saw an old, but very interesting video that perfectly reflects the essence of the Bible in my understanding for some 30 seconds.

How many years does God grant a person?

welcome you. My name is Artemiy Zakharov. I am an Orthodox Christian. Here I will share with You what I myself find very useful and interesting. This blog will be dedicated to Orthodoxy – the faith that can save us for eternal Life if we try to do what the Lord and the Holy mother Church teach us to do with God's help.

I would like to talk about how many years God has allowed a person. How many years can we live? The common opinion is 70-80 years old. However, you should be careful here, because each of us is given according to our faith. I must admit that it is a pity to look at people who live in a given set period of time and believe that it is time for them to die. Those who are already over 80, do not rush.

When God created man, his life was not limited to a specific time period. But having sinned, he himself withdrew from the source of life. That is why his stay on earth was reduced to 963 years. So many years lived Methuselah.

Then sin began to increase, and the Lord said, "My Spirit will not be forever neglected by men, because they are flesh; let their days be one hundred and twenty years" (Gen. 6: 3). So, the next restriction of a person's life became equal to 120 years. Of course, for modern people, this age is quite old, but here we should also agree that 120, this is not 963 years. Judge for yourselves. At the time when these words were uttered, Noah was not even 500 years old, but he lived 950 years, and 350 years of them after the flood. His son, SIM, was born 100 years before the flood and lived only 600 years. Again, it's a long way from 120.

Some theologians believe that the 120 years that God speaks of only apply to those people who were doomed to perish in the waters of the flood. People who lived after the Flood are considered long-lived by our standards, since they lived for more than 120 years. Thus, the son of Shem, Arphaxad lived 565 years, and Abraham 175 years.

The following restriction on the time of life measured to a person is mentioned in the Psalm: "The days of our years are seventy years, and with a greater fortress – eighty years." This verse is very often quoted by people of advanced age, who do not even suspect that they are thus falling under the curse through identification with those to whom it is addressed. This Psalm was written by Moses when he was in the wilderness. Moses himself lived for about 120 years, and Joshua for 110 years.

It is worth agreeing that 70-80 years and 120-a large
difference. Therefore, dear Readers, be prepared to live about 120 years, as well as
the Lord promised us! To do this, you need to agree with Him and not limit your
life for years. In General, even 120 years is not the limit.