When did the Buddha have a midlife crisis, and how long did it take to find the truth?


When did the Buddha have a midlife crisis, and how long did it take to find the truth?

The Buddha (Siddhartha Gautama) was born about 2500 years ago. History does not know of a single instance in which he claimed to be a God or a prophet. He was an ordinary man who, with great effort of heart and mind, was able to transcend any limitations. He found confirmation that every living being has the potential to attain the Buddha nature. Every Buddhist sees in the Buddha nothing more than an ideal guide who knows the path to enlightenment and will certainly lead to It.

Many materials and facts have been written about the Buddha and Buddhism, but many of them are not widely distributed. Today I want to talk about when the Buddha had a midlife crisis, why he starved and how he achieved enlightenment.

At the age of 29, the Buddha had a midlife crisis

According to the legend, Siddhartha had all the comforts of a Prince. His father might not have been a king, but he had the ability to fulfill any of his son's wishes. The father had a goal to make his son a king, not a Holy man, so he strongly hindered his spiritual teachings.

Siddharth lived a serene life and there was no room for much suffering. At 16, he married by arrangement, became a father, and lived in luxury. For the first time, the Buddha left his father's house at the age of 29 to look at life outside the walls of the Palace. Soon he met the old man. He asked the driver of the chariot about the fate of this person, and the driver made it clear that in the life of every person there comes a moment when he begins to grow old. The number of his trips increased, and he met not only old people, but also sick people, saw corpses, people with mental problems.

This was the first time Siddharth knew what suffering was. This could not but affect him, so he decided to leave his luxurious life and family and start a life of asceticism. In his opinion, the only way to avoid illness, suffering, and death was to practice asceticism. The Prince rode to the borders of the Kingdom, put on the garb of a hermit, and set out to seek the truth.

It took a long 7 years to find the truth

During this time, Siddhartha learned meditation and yoga from various teachers. Siddhartha went to all the restrictions and privations consciously. He practically refused to eat and slept in the open air. At one point, he was so exhausted that he almost starved to death. But Sujata, a kind girl who found Siddhartha unconscious, came to his rescue and fed him rice. It was then that he realized that such self-torment did not bring anything good. After that, he decided to go into a state of meditation until he knew the truth.

Siddhartha spent 49 days in a state of meditation. During this period, evil demons tried to prevent him in every possible way. But all the tests were passed and at the age of 35, on the day of his birth, Siddhartha achieved awakening and became known as the Buddha, which means "awakened". Having learned the truth, the Buddha began to preach to his fellow meditators. The Buddha spoke of what he had learned. He explained about the suffering of people and all living beings caused by the variability of life, human desires and attachments. The Buddha said that a state without attachments is the road that will not suffer. This state is called Nirvana. The most important method for getting rid of suffering is meditation.