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Deep attachments – small divine abilities!

The best example of how social goals prevail over individual goals is a person's dedication to their work. This is best shown in relation to residents of the United States and countries that imitate them. In the United States, the love of work is widely professed in the "work ethic". At the same time, the concept of "work" was greatly distorted. This is far from a certain amount of work that is performed to get funds to pay bills. In the modern sense, work is an effort that should bring pleasure to a person. If a person constantly talks about their love for work, they demonstrate to society how loyal they are. At the same time, society itself puts the label "good person"on people who work hard.

Today, there is a blurring of the boundaries between work and leisure. If we talk about leisure, this time is especially precious, since during this period a person can truly enjoy life. Unlike work, it brings real, not fictional pleasure. However, today the situation has developed so that for many, work has become this fun pastime. The employee knows about this, so the profession forms his self-esteem, and everything that happens around him is somehow connected with professional pride.

Work in its new form is a kind of game with money and power, which are obtained as a kind of bonuses, in the Protocol, where the results of life are indicated. The modern Westerner gets satisfaction from receiving these bonuses, getting more and more money, gaining more and more prestige. It is becoming more popular in society. If "blind" people take part in competitions, it is natural that they will play against their own interests. Americans who can no longer work are forced to spend the rest of their lives in constant anger, as they begin to realize that they have spent most of their lives replenishing Bank accounts. And they were forced to do it fraudulently.

Since Taoism teaches interaction with the world, it allows you to learn to understand your own innermost desires. This is an opportunity to learn to adhere to your natural desires without noticing the false values of society. A good mentor can convey to the student the basics of philosophy that will be required for a successful life.

To achieve enlightenment, you need to live a perfect day. One of the discoveries that is made in the course of planning a perfect day is that a lot of things that give us pleasure have a very low price. For book lovers, there are free libraries. Fans of Hiking, do not have to pay for anything. For fishing, there is an inexpensive bait, and for drawing – quite affordable paints. To sit at a table with family and friends for a long time, you will need only one bottle of wine.

There is only one problem – free time for all this, which is quite difficult to buy. The real cost of a perfect day is equal to the cost of Your time. You've probably heard of the phrase: "Time is money." In the modern world, the traditional way of life, which is made in order to get a more spacious house or car, requires money, which is why our leisure time is significantly reduced. In order to move up the career ladder to get a higher salary, we are exposed to more stress due to high responsibility. It takes away our freedom.

As we age, our perfect day moves further and further away. We are offered everything on credit, which is a gross Western deception, and not only Western. Through enlightenment, your mind becomes clear, which makes it possible to determine what the perfect day is. Lao Tzu's gift to our world is the result of a life where the perfect day becomes the day when suffering is eliminated.

Do you need love in a marriage?

Everyone wants to love. This is inherent in our souls. That is why we can listen to songs and read books about this great feeling every day. Almost every feeling that arises in our soul is somehow associated with an excess or lack of love. One of the special qualities of this feeling is that it is elusive. When we are in search of it, the search is not crowned with success, and when we do find it, the question of saving arises. Sometimes we think that the secret of love is very simple, and it has long been solved, but then we have to be embarrassed by the realization that we do not understand it at all.

What does love need? How do you know what she wants at a particular moment? What do you do when love doesn't develop the way you want it to? Love has its own desires, which must be listened to. Love has its own pace and rhythm. By awakening love before it wants to, we force it to skip certain stages. Thus, immediately begins the stage to which love has not yet matured. It should move gradually, there should be stops and pauses that need to be treated accordingly.

Before settling in our heart, love settles in the unconscious part of our soul, which in psychology is described as the subconscious, i.e. the instinctive, animal part. The teaching of Hasidism says that this part of the soul is in the "superconsciousness", on a spiritual level. The subconscious is a mundane quality, and the superconscious is a sublime and spiritual feeling, the essence of which we can not know.

Hasidism explains that the root of our soul and the souls of our future or present spouse are closely related to each other, i.e. we have the same spiritual root. The soul of every woman and man is similar to the desire to meet their half, resulting in a marriage Union. They have the same root, but at the same time, when descending into the material world, they separate, grow in different bodies and search for each other for a certain amount of time.

This means that despite the fact that in this world two separate souls live in different flesh, in their highest root, they are still connected. Do not forget that this unity of men and women is unconscious. If every person was aware of this, then it would not be necessary to make any effort to find the second half. However, almost always, this task is difficult, and love at first sight is a real miracle.

If we consider this question from the perspective of Judaism, it is important to understand that love is not only the embodiment of strong emotions that people share with each other, not only hormones and a kind of refuge from the modern world filled with indifference. This is a manifestation of the Divine light that is clothed in the senses and flesh of a person. When true love is shown between a man and a woman, their home becomes brighter regardless of the situation. If there is love in the house, it is always quiet. If a sensitive guest enters such a house, they will not be able to miss it, even though the dishes are not washed and the mess is not there. In Hebrew, there are two concepts that denote the attainment of maturity, which is necessary for marriage – the achievement of maturity (in relation to men), the term of the bride (in relation to women).

Love is nothing but the superiority of the human soul over the body. It's not just compassion for another person. This is more than just an exchange of feelings. This is a Real divine act that allows you to nourish the soul of another person, just like your own.

The four components of karma in Buddhism

The principle of causation works very well in our world. This is also reflected in numerous folk sayings: "As it turns, so it will respond", "What you sow, you will reap" and others. But this is just the tip of the iceberg, a kind of simplified understanding of the law of karma. Not surprisingly, based solely on these principles of causation, many doubt that the law of karma works at all. For example, if you perform the same action, but in different places and under different circumstances, the results may be the opposite. Let's try to understand why this is happening.

Karma in Buddhism is an intentional act that is performed with a specific intention. These actions can be evaluated according to four components: motivation, the object of the action, the action itself, and the attitude to the already completed action. A full definition of the quality of actions performed, as well as possible consequences, is possible only on the basis of the above components. On the basis of this assessment, it is possible to understand how soon the person will receive the recompense for his action.

The object of the action

When analyzing an action, it is the object of the action that is the first thing to be evaluated. It is widely believed that all interaction with people is based on karmic connections. If we look at the matter through the lens of Vedic knowledge, we cannot even visualize a living entity with whom we have no karmic connection. Every person or living being with whom we interact in one way or another has a karmic connection with us from the past. The only difference is in the intensity of such connections. For example, with people with whom we just exchange glances on the street, we have a weak karmic connection, but with our parents, we have a karmic connection formed over many lifetimes.

It is for this reason that in Buddhism it is considered that we receive the most active and complete retribution for actions that we perform in relation to our parents, teachers, and enlightened beings. Such actions have the maximum impact on us. By doing good, it multiplies many times. While doing evil, it also multiplies many times. By performing actions in relation to people with whom we have a strong karmic connection, retribution occurs faster and in a large volume. The recompense for actions performed towards parents, teachers, and enlightened beings comes in this life.


The second important component is motivation. It is based on motivation that you can characterize a particular action, even if two different actions look similar.

For example, if parents punish their child without feeling irritation and anger, with a sense of compassion, then this motivation can be considered noble. But if the parents are just trying to take revenge for his mistakes in this way, then this motivation has a completely different character.


If we talk about the actions themselves, they are either completed or incomplete. There is an opinion that if a person committed an action, and its reasons did not depend on this person in any way, then such an action cannot be considered committed and he is released from responsibility.

Karma is accumulated at the level of the body, speech, and mind. If in his mind a person arranges the execution of the offender, then for sure, he would do the same in physical terms.

Attitude to the perfect action

If a person repents, then he is worthy of leniency. Even in the case of unworthy actions towards parents, with the saddest motivation, if a person realizes his wrong and sincerely repents, then the reward for this act is facilitated.

This rule also works the other way around. If a person made a donation, but their motivation was selfish, then such an attitude to this action will necessarily affect the final result. Thus, despite the seemingly good deed, the retribution can come in a much smaller volume and much later.

Can Muslims drink kvass?

As we known, kvass is a product of natural fermentation, is exactly the same as yogurt. These products are allowed for consumption by Muslims, since in their original state they do not lead to intoxication. However, if the kvass is fermented, it can cause quite serious problems. Fermented kvass causes alcohol intoxication, and in this situation, the drink is prohibited for use by a Muslim.

In the time of the Prophet Muhammad, when it came to drinks, people did a certain thing. Raisins were soaked for the Prophet Muhammad, after which he consumed the drink for three days, but the remains of the drink after this period were poured out, since they could no longer be drunk due to the beginning process of fermentation of the drink and the acquisition of specific properties that were widespread at that time. If we talk specifically about this drink, then the three-day period is fair. The fermentation process begins no earlier than 3 days, and in this state, it is already forbidden for Muslims to drink the drink.

However, it is not a fact that a number of certain drinks retain their original state for a certain period of time. We are talking about kvass, kefir, koumiss, and yogurt. If you carefully consider the packaging of such a drink, it contains information that the proportion of ethyl alcohol does not exceed 1.2%. As for determining the exact alcohol content in the product, this can only be found with the help of modern technology. In other matters, it is certainly not necessary to conduct research in Islam.

To determine whether a drink can intoxicate a person, you just need to reason based on the hadith of the Prophet, which States that drinking these drinks in large quantities can lead to intoxication. That is why, even in small quantities, the use of this drink is undesirable. Islamic scholars have derived a number of specific criteria that are crucial for identifying an intoxicating drink:

· It is worth assuming whether the drink can intoxicate you in a situation where You will use it in large quantities.

· Imagine how much each drink will affect your mind. If the condition of a Muslim remains unchanged, then such a drink can be consumed in any quantities, without any obstacles.

If we consider kvass from this point of view, the conclusion is obvious that it will not affect the state of a Muslim, no matter how much a person drinks it. If we consider the permissibility of kvass taking into account the above criteria, we can say with confidence that this drink is allowed.

In what situation is the use of alcohol-containing products allowed?

Muslims are only allowed to consume alcohol-containing beverages in situations where it meets certain requirements. The alcohol on which the drink is made should not be from dates or grapes, if it can not lead to intoxication. The composition of this drink can be alcohol extracted not from grapes, and not from dates, but containing a meager amount of it, so this drink is guaranteed not to cause intoxication. In this situation, Muslims are allowed to drink kvass, which will not be considered forbidden.

A wife who fulfills the same vows as her husband

In India, the wife always helps her husband in every possible way to fulfill his duty and this is not discussed. For example, among the duties of a wife – taking care of the house, the health of each family member, cooking. In this situation, the husband can be 100% confident and calm that everything is good in the family, this will allow him to concentrate on work as much as possible.

In addition, the above means that the wife is obliged to accept the financial situation of the husband. She has no right to demand more from him, to show her dissatisfaction with what he can give her. If we talk about the Indian tradition, the bride gets a pot with a small amount, which you need to wash your face, hands and feet, saving a certain amount of water. Based on the results of this test, we can conclude how economical a wife she will be in family life.

An interesting question: "What is the main quality a woman should have in order to preserve her family?» The answer is obvious! A woman in India just needs to feed her family very well, manage the family income intelligently, exclusively within the funds that her husband earns. A woman should not have a violent desire to acquire unnecessary things, otherwise, her husband will need to work hard. That is why a wife must maintain a certain balance.

And according to the shastram (Padma Purana), even if a woman has to work for any reason, everything that she brings to the house belongs to her husband, father or adult son, in short, the person under whose protection she is. The further decision on what can be allocated from the family budget is made by this person. Today, Indians, especially in large cities, are not willing to adhere to their own traditions, and early marriages often turn into a farce (they can be organized solely for the sake of dowry). Many parents are eager to educate their children and are proud of their success. If their daughter is single and childless by the age of 30, but she is a doctor of science, then this is undoubtedly a reason for pride. If compared with the West, the ideals of career and material success are not so strong, then in India, which is far behind in terms of economic indicators, the desire for these ideals is only gaining momentum.

Even if a man no longer has the opportunity to earn money, the wife should not even think about divorce. Today in India, many ordinary workers, whose daily earnings are from 50 to 100 rupees, look like a needle, are always neat, dressed in clean clothes, carry home-made food containers to work, which their wives carefully collect. There are many stories in the shastras that serve as a real example for modern women in India. This is an opportunity to better understand how to follow your husband's vows. Princess SITA of the Ramayana decided to follow her young husband into exile in the forest, despite the fact that she could stay in the Palace and continue her life in comfort and convenience. At the wedding of the Queen Gandhari of the Mahabharata and the blind man Dhritarashtra, the girl blindfolded herself so that she would forever be plunged into darkness and obey her husband in everything, even in blindness.

How do I prepare to become a godmother?

If You have been asked to become a godmother, it means that the parents of Your future godson or goddaughter respect and fully trust you. This is quite a serious step, so before you decide to accept or refuse this offer, it is important to know a number of certain points related to baptism.

First of all, the godmother must necessarily be a baptized Christian, since baptism is the first sacrament that a person begins in order to become a member of the Church of Christ. The sacrament of baptism was established by our Lord himself, who was baptized in the waters of the Jordan river by John by triple immersion. Today, children are also baptized three times by immersion in the font. The water that is used for baptism, consecrated by a special prayer, must be heated to a temperature that is safe for the child.

Godmothers should provide the child's biological mothers with comprehensive assistance in preparing the rite:

· Make sure to buy a cross with the image of a crucifix on it (in this case, the cross should be the smallest, preferably with rounded edges).

· The christening shirt must be made of natural fabric. Clothing should absorb moisture well, so that the baby is not cold and as comfortable as possible. The shirt should be long-sleeved, but it is better if the hand is open. The ideal sleeve length is considered to be¾. Also, the anavolium should not be too long, since the baby's legs are also anointed with myrrh. Length Anatolia should be a little below the knee.

· Kryzhma (diaper) for taking the baby out of the font should also be made of natural fabric, have excellent moisture-absorbing properties.

· The godmother should present her godson or her goddaughter with a bookmarked gospel that they can read when they reach the appropriate age. A silver named spoon is not given for christening, since this gift is usually given after the first teeth are eroded.

You won't need a chain for a cross at christening. To do this, it will be enough to provide a ribbon that can be purchased in any Church shops. Babies should wear body crosses all the time, and diapers and shirts should not have any ritual significance. As for the tradition of preserving kryzhma and anavoliy, this custom is popular and is associated with the belief that anavoliy and kryzhma will be able to preserve the grace of the sacrament (they were used to cover children in times of illness).

When and how did the tradition of baptizing small children appear? Why do you need a godmother? In the ancient Christian Church, those who wished to be baptized were already included in the Church community. At the same time, only adults were baptized. They had the right to pray with everything, but they did not receive communion. These people were called "catechumens". The announcement period was three years. During this time, people delved into the basics of the Christian faith, memorized prayers, listened to and read the Holy Scriptures. After the rite of baptism was performed, the person was dressed in white clothing, symbolizing the complete freedom of the soul from sins washed by the waters of baptism. Thus, a new birth for eternal life was taking place.

After Christians stopped being persecuted, it was a tradition to baptize young children. This is a kind of giving praise to God for their birth, and expressing in this way your intention to raise them in piety.

A man who is truly lost will not get out of his delusions!

In addition to others who act as the most important source of disorder, there are other, more organized sources of this disease. We are talking about the family and other social institutions that were created over the centuries in order to impose certain values of society on the population. Who is spreading the contagion of false values? Everything is very clear here – political and public organizations, churches, universities and schools.

Not so long ago, when the family was the structure necessary for survival, children, regardless of where they grew up, necessarily provided comprehensive assistance to their parents in back-breaking work. At the same time, the fathers taught their sons the craft, taught them to hunt, which allowed them to provide meat for the whole family. As for the daughters, they cooked, looked after their younger siblings, and washed and washed with their mothers. Each child helped their parents as much as they could.

In those days, the existence of families was not easy in physical terms, but it confirmed the values that were based on reality. Natural death was only part of family life, since grandparents lived in the same house with their children and grandchildren. In the moments when the older ones died, for the younger generation, it was a kind of lesson in the cycle of life.

To live in a modern Western country, you no longer need to have a family. Parents don't always take responsibility for how their child learns to survive in the real world. The result of all this is a disordered relationship between parents and children who, as they grow up, have values that run counter to reality. Family values in the US are no longer based on survival. They are brought out of the dreams of chattering priests, scientists of public institutions, and politicians.

Throughout history, public institutions were created solely for the benefit of the ruling classes, the main purpose of which was to provide guarantees for the smooth functioning of society. Because of this behavior of the members of society, they became like robots. Most often, such institutions support favorite artificial values, threatening those who disobey with death or prison.

As for industrial society, its institutions need to be provided with daily control of the masses. Society transmits information to the public in the most sophisticated ways, from television and movies to radio, magazines, Newspapers, or the Internet. This is a great opportunity to manage your population, which leads to an amazing result. This daily flow of information is called "propaganda".

The most powerful and pervasive media is television, which promotes many values of society that are completely contrary to reality. Today, in the West, television is perceived as a banal entertainment, its impact seems invisible and innocent. Typical Westerners spend about 5 hours a day watching TV. They are perceived as fictional values for an accurate reflection of reality. Even if the audience understands that television is unreal, they still learn the values embedded in the programs.

On TV, they show how everyone is doing well and how much Hollywood stars earn. However, what do those who have not been able to become a star and do not earn millions do? How can an ordinary person succeed? This is the moment when suffering comes. The more a person corresponds to the ideal people invented, the more difficult it is to achieve an unattainable image. Often, the longer this goes on, the worse the situation becomes. In spite of this, all the media bring down on ordinary people values that promote their ideals, which in the real world have absolutely no support.

Children should be children! Let them do it!

Every child should know that they are a child! This is the only way he can get the Foundation that will be used to successfully build his adult life. If the parents treat the child as a small adult, it does not help him grow in any way. Some children may show excellent intelligence and great prospects, which all others confirm that the child is wise beyond his years. How to treat them? As peers or as close friends? But no matter how clear the conclusions of children are, they cannot be wise by definition. They are not based on the type of knowledge that is called Daat in Judaism. It's about the maturity of the mind, the ability to make connections, to anticipate the consequences of your ideas. It is worth noting that without Daat, these ideas have no connection with the real world.

A child may have common sense or high intelligence, but this is not Daat. For this reason, children's behavior may not always correspond to their level of understanding. Therefore, if your goal is to share your mental knowledge with a gifted child who goes to the first or second grade, then try to learn math with them for the 8th grade, but you should never discuss the basic rules of behavior. This is exclusively the competence of adults who have Daat, who have already learned what wisdom is.

If the child knows that he can get the opinion of an adult and trust him, then he will be absolutely calm. If the child managed to argue with their parents, then both the parents and he is upset. This means that you should not agree with the children. If A child comes and puts forward a good offer, you must first listen to him and answer that you will think about it. The main thing is to give the impression that the final decision will still be yours.

You should never say that the child is right, as this will force him to take responsibility for his own decision. This responsibility should rest entirely on you! If You act in agreement with the child's offer, and it does not work, then you are also responsible for it. All you need to do is praise the child for a great idea, but create a kind of insurance so that he can realize that the final decision was made by an adult.

Many of us expect too much from children at the same time. Someone simply confuses the moral development of the growing up. There is a big difference in behavior that is typical for a child, with behavior that is not typical for children. The greatest frustration that accompanies parenting is the constant repetition of simple truths on the part of parents. For example, you tell him that you need to put things away or you can't get candy out of the closet, and he doesn't listen and continues to bend his line. In this situation, bad behavior should be stopped, but if the child is just childishly fooling around, even though it does not meet Your expectations, then maybe this is a good reason to rethink your expectations?

In any case, do not slide down. Many parents who know that their children are exaggerating or lying don't pay attention. But at the same time, if the same child took some sweets from the closet at the wrong time, then they begin to spank and scold. Here you should understand that children will climb for cookies, this is normal. But if the child started lying, then this situation should not be allowed to take its course. You can be 100% sure that after a certain time, the child will become more accurate and less sloppy, but the habit of lying may not disappear anywhere.

Five precepts of Buddhism

Buddhism, as well as other Dharmic religions, provides an opportunity for a person to delve as much as possible into the question of understanding the structure of the world. In Buddhism, it becomes clear what the consequences of wrong actions can be. It does not just say that certain actions can not be done, but explains why and what this may entail. From this point of view, all the basic precepts of Buddhism, of which there are five, become crystal clear. In fact, they can hardly be called precepts, since the Buddha did not forbid anything, he only gave his recommendations, which help to avoid the accumulation of the most negative karma. Let's look at these requirements in more detail.

The prohibition of murder

Under this term, the deprivation of life of any living being is perceived. By the way, an important point is that it is forbidden to kill not only people, but also any other living creatures. This commandment also applies to vegetarianism. It is broader than just refraining from direct physical murder, because we all know that even a word or a thought can kill. For example, telling a person the truth in a rough form can affect their psychological state for the rest of their life. Constant anger at others – the ability to mentally deal with their abusers every day.

It is believed that the accumulation of our karma is carried out not only by actions, but also by words and thoughts. For this reason, the first commandment is to refrain not only from killing, but also from all kinds of violence at the level of the body, mind, and speech. At the same time, the mental level is quite important, because sooner or later we still translate our thoughts into reality. For example, take at least the same black magic that allows you to kill a person without a single touch.

Prohibition of theft

The problem with stealing is that if a person steals from someone, they are stealing from themselves. In this situation, karma also works. When a person takes something that does not belong to him, he will lose exactly the same or more in the future. For this reason, stealing is an irrational activity, since sooner or later the balance is still restored.

Prohibition of sexual misconduct

In simpler terms, this prohibition applies to adultery. What is the reason for this? This question can be viewed from two sides. Thus, adultery is impossible without lying. A person lies either to other people or to himself, and this is an act that is guaranteed to worsen karma. Also, as a result of an intimate relationship between partners, an energy and karmic connection is established. There is an opinion that as a result of one sexual act, an energy connection is established between people for a period of 7 years.

Prohibition of lying

If a person is false, then a certain illusion is created for others, reality is distorted, after which the same distorted energy of reality returns to him. Pathological liars can lie so much that they sometimes don't believe themselves. They look so ridiculous that everyone around them laughs at them. At the same time, the liar himself does not see anything absurd or illogical in his words.

Prohibition of alcohol consumption

As a result of the use of intoxicants, consciousness changes quite strongly and reality is distorted. How can we talk about an adequate and healthy life if a person can't look at reality soberly? While intoxicated, 82% of homicides, 75% of suicides, 50% of accidents, and 50% of rapes are committed.

Are there any divorces in India?

Recently, a friend of mine asked me if it is true that India has the lowest divorce rate in the world, and why is this so? I answered jokingly: "Yes, because the groom gets a gun as a gift for the wedding, and the bride draws a red dot on her forehead." However, if you put aside the jokes, then everything is much more serious and this question is quite interesting. Therefore, I decided to talk to You today on the topic of divorce in India.

Indeed, in India, the divorce rate is so low that many people think that in this country, divorce is simply prohibited at the legislative level. It is true that before 1955, divorce was prohibited, but even after it was allowed, the issue is incredibly complex. In India, there are many different laws related to divorce. Moreover, the Hindus live under the same laws, the Christians another, the Muslims in the third. In short, there are two ways to get a divorce in India-either by court order or by mutual consent. If the divorce is carried out by mutual consent, the husband and wife themselves discuss all the nuances regarding alimony and children and go to court with this agreement. It is noteworthy that the law does not set any maximum or minimum alimony. In this situation, before the divorce, the young are given another 6 months to think about everything carefully.

If one of the partners does not agree with the divorce, then it can be achieved through the court based on the grounds established by law:

· Treason. If a wife is unfaithful to her husband or Vice versa, this is considered a criminal offense that must be proved.

· Cruelty. We are talking about both physical and psychological violence. In relation to the latter, evidence is required that these were deliberate actions and there were many of them. This category also includes perverted sex, food deprivation, and so on.

* Recognition as dead (if the person has been missing for more than 7 years).

· Mental disorder.

* Conversion to another religion.

By the way, there are special reasons for divorce that can be used exclusively by women. For example, if the girl was married before the age of 15, or if the husband left his wife and at least 12 months have passed since then (and the husband refuses to give his wife the maintenance that the court ordered).

It is also impossible not to mention that in India, contractual marriages are quite strong. More than 90% of all marriages are concluded in this way. This problem in this situation is not even in the absence of love, but in the fact that marriage is essentially not a Union of two people, but a Union of two families. In this case, families invest a lot of money in their children's marriages, and this issue is often a prestigious one for them. If we talk about a woman, then with a high probability, she will not be accepted back into the house of her parents. Divorce for a woman means a lot of embarrassment, and it is especially hard for women who live in rural areas where you are known by all the inhabitants. Such women have very great difficulties in finding work or renting housing. At the same time, it will be much more difficult for such families to marry their younger children in the future. Even 15-20 years ago, the word divorce was classified as a swear word, and a love marriage could cause a real scandal. By the way, it is not uncommon for a husband and wife to leave without an official divorce.

Why do I need to light the cross?

Many Orthodox people traditionally wear crosses. However, do you think about what exactly to do it for? Did you know that not every cross is suitable for wearing? Why should it be consecrated? I want to delve into this question and try to answer these questions.

Why do I need to consecrate a cross?

So, let's try to initially figure out what a cross is and find the reasons why it should be worn. If you think about it, the Lord is already in the heart of every Orthodox Christian. Each of us believes in the Lord and goes to Church. The question arises: "then Why do you need to wear any attributes, like a cross on your body?»

So. The cross simultaneously performs several functions. The first function is our profession of Orthodoxy. The one who wears a cross, thereby demonstrates to others about their faith. Of course, today, when the persecution of the Church is no longer found, there is absolutely no bold feat in wearing a cross. The second function is divine protection. However, it is not enough just to wear this attribute. The cross must be consecrated in the Orthodox Church.

Lighting up the cross, the priest gives his blessing to the person to wear it, and also calls upon him the Grace of the Lord. Only in this situation will the cross be able to perform protective functions and begin to protect You from evil forces. If the cross is not consecrated, it is nothing more than an ordinary decoration or attribute.

Wearing a cross is a tradition that originated in the early days of Christianity. They began to be openly worn already when the persecution and murder of Christians stopped in the 4th century, and in Russia they began to wear special cross-shaped boxes containing Holy relics more often (this allowed them to have the grace-giving power and help of saints). If we talk about the spiritual significance of wearing a cross, it is that by wearing it, Christians are crucified with the Lord and not only recognize the fact Of his crucifixion, but also vow to wear their cross throughout every day of their earthly life. Thus, we take an oath to fight against passions, sins, and promise not to do what the Lord wants. It is for this reason that the cross must be worn until death.

As for the place to buy a cross, this should only be done in the Church. Shrines that are purchased in the temple are used without fear. By purchasing them, you can be completely sure that they will fully comply with the Orthodox canons and will be consecrated. In addition, by purchasing a cross in the Church, we bring our monetary sacrifice to the Church. If the cross was purchased in a gift shop or on the collapse, then you should definitely visit the Church and show the Shrine to the priest, asking whether it is possible to wear such a cross to an Orthodox person or not. If the priest gives his blessing, then the Shrine must also be consecrated.

Church consecration of the cross

Of course, the best option is to buy a cross in the Church, since all the items there are already consecrated. For this reason, after the purchase, you do not need to do anything else with the cross, you can safely use it for your own wear or put it on the child at baptism. If for some people the appearance of the cross is an important point and it is purchased in a jewelry store, then in this situation the product belongs to the temple for consecration by the priest.

Initially, the priest examines whether the cross is correct, and then takes it to the altar, where it is consecrated. During the consecration, the owner of the cross must also be in the Church and pray.

Marriage contract in Muslim countries

Such an issue as the marriage contract in Muslim countries , because of polygamy and not only for this, requires detailed consideration. A Muslim marriage contract is an agreement that assumes that the spouses assume certain obligations by their marriage and are fully responsible for their fulfillment. The Muslim marriage contract has many important forms, among which it is worth highlighting the following:

* The husband and wife must adhere to strict compliance with the terms of the contract, while maintaining the stability of the marriage.

* Inheritance is established between both spouses.

· Both parties have a legitimate right to enjoy each other.

* Regardless of the terms of the contract, men must pay mahr, i.e. present a wedding gift. Men also take it upon themselves to support their wives in any form (food, clothing, housing, etc.).

· Under the terms of the agreement, the wife undertakes to approve the right to her husband's upbringing, since he is the head of the family. She must obey her husband without question (exceptions are contradictions of Sharia). Also, the wife must be tied to her husband's house (without the appropriate permission of the spouse, she is forbidden to leave the house).

* The wife does not have the right to impose a ban on the fact that he enjoyed it without good reasons (for example, monthly).

The relationship of Sharia law to family life is based on the provisions of the Koran, which considers love between men and women exclusively as a sign of God. Harmonious relations between men and women are welcomed by Allah, as well as the desire of a husband and wife to mutually satisfy not only sexual, but also other needs. According to Islam, the husband should be kind to his wife, and the wife in turn should obey her husbands. The exception is sinful acts, which are described in Sharia. Muslim wives are obliged not to refuse their husbands sexual relations (except for diseases, as well as menstrual days). Also, wives do not have the right to divulge their husband's secrets, waste his money, or bring people to the house that he does not want to see. According to Sharia law, women are not required to earn money for food. Through the Qur'an, Allah teaches that in family disputes, Muslim husbands and wives should always seek an amicable mutual agreement.

As for issues of a legal nature that concern Muslim women, it is worth noting that some Muslim peoples in their traditions have a concept called "honor Killing". In some middle Eastern countries, this phenomenon is still found to this day, but at the same time, Islam condemns it. This concept refers to the murder of shaming an entire city. Such murders can be found not only in Muslim countries, but also in other countries. According to some Muslim scholars, such killings are part of a tradition that has absolutely nothing to do with the laws of Islam.

Those who make promises easily find it difficult to keep their word

In the far East, the process of enlightenment is considered complete when the student fully absorbs the teachings that will become the natural essence of his being. In Japan, this state is called "Zen", and in China – "Chan". The achievement of this state occurs when the teaching turns into a law for a person, which works "automatically", on an instinctive level. For example, if you are just beginning to master the skills of driving a car, Then you just can't help but think about the gearbox, the brake, and how to handle the steering wheel correctly. However, time passes, and everything is brought to automatism. Chan doesn't need much thought. For those who wish to become a spiritual person, the principles of Tao must become Chan. This must be an integral part of You, otherwise you will not be able to achieve this state.

When Chan appears in us, we do not just get the same skill that allows us to act on the level of instincts. Chan is the formation of one of the most important principles – the ability to live in the present moment. If You can recognize that reacting to the moment is everything, then we can act instantly. We can't know the future, and the past is already in history. When driving a car, we react to the situation that develops on the road, i.e. to other cars that are in the stream ahead of You and not to those that you overtook half an hour ago. In life, everything is exactly the same. Each of us should live in the present day, reacting exclusively to it, and not getting stuck in the past or worrying about the future. If we live every day as the last, we can learn to appreciate life, learn to enjoy every minute of it, and this is the key to achieving well-being.

In China, it is generally believed that enlightenment occurs in two ways. According to one school, the state of manifestation of the state of Chan occurs suddenly, after years of preparation, like a bright flash of awareness. According to other teachings, the attainment of the state of Chan is slow, along with the study and assimilation of the principles of Taoism. However, both schools agree on one thing – enlightenment can come only after many years of loyalty to the chosen path and work on yourself.

For modern Western thinking, devoting many years of labor to achieve your goal is not the best idea. Western people are used to eating fast, losing extra pounds in 5 days, using high-speed Internet, getting loans in 2 minutes, watching news stories lasting 30 seconds, retelling classics of literature on 10 pages. If in China, medicine focuses on the prevention of diseases, which takes years, in the West, they try to recover as quickly as possible by taking a miracle pill or using superlaser surgery.

For the average Westerner, deep devotion to something is as alien as hieroglyphic writing. I'm sorry to say this, but this activity is almost the only one that Americans can be completely and completely devoted to.

Are non-Jews allowed in the synagogue?

Quite an interesting question: "Can a non-Jew attend a synagogue?» Will a non-Jew be allowed in, or is the attitude of Jews towards other Nations disdainful? I will try to answer this question as clearly as possible, accessible and detailed.

Straight to the point. It is not forbidden for non-Jews to visit the synagogue! However, for regular visits to the synagogue, the elders must be warned that You are not a Jew. This will avoid many awkward situations and misunderstandings. It is also worth paying attention to the fact that in view of the alleged unwillingness to let anyone into the synagogue, there are ideas that Jews treat these people with disdain. In due time, God brought the Jewish people to mount Sinai and granted the Torah, making a Covenant, making us the chosen people. At the same time, He forbade climbing the mountain (this was allowed only to Moses). He forbade us to enter! This raises a question. Does this look like a sign of neglect? Further, the most high commanded the Jewish people to build a Sanctuary divided into certain zones. Some of these areas were not allowed to be entered by anyone other than clerics. This also looks like a sign of neglect!

And if we consider operations in hospitals. As we know, relatives are not allowed in the operating room, and this can also be seen as a sign of neglect. In Hinduism, there are many laws that are designed to maintain a very clear distance between Jews and non-Jews. However, we can say with great confidence that all these restrictions are in no way related to neglect.

Will a Christian be allowed into the synagogue?

There are no obstacles for a Christian to visit a synagogue. The only thing that can be asked at the entrance is for the person to put a kippah on their head, which is also offered in the synagogue. However, any other headwear, hats or baseball caps will also work instead of a kippah.

As for the benefits of visiting the synagogue by Christians, the question is twofold. If you will be interested in listening to readings from the Scriptures, voiced in an incomprehensible language, then you can safely go and listen. Many Jews, during the Sabbath synagogue services that are held on the territory of the former Soviet Union, also do not understand what is said in the reading from the Scriptures, because they do not know Hebrew. It is also worth noting that in many synagogues, services are held rather irregularly, due to the lack of minyan, i.e. the minimum required number of Jewish men in ten people.

When it comes to the situation on the territory of the former USSR, today the synagogue is not the best place to preach the gospel. This is true if only for the reason that sometimes it is difficult to find anyone there at all, even on Shabbat. There are situations when non-Jewish Christians find God's call in the Scriptures to testify to the Jews about salvation through Yeshua the Messiah. Many Jews in the former Soviet Union are now outside the synagogue. If non-Jewish Christians want to witness salvation to a Jew, they don't have to do it in a synagogue right now.

Family in Buddhism

Many people say that Buddhism teaches that the whole world is an illusion, and therefore, if you give up any activity in the material world, devote yourself to spiritual development. However, this is, of course, a misconception. The material world and spiritual development are interconnected, and without one it is impossible to imagine the other. In the "Vimalakirti Sutra of instruction" you can find a rather interesting point. When the vimalakirti Arhats and Bodhisattvas arrived, they were invited to sit on large chairs. Then an amazing situation occurred. Bodhisattvas who help others on the path of self-development showed truly mystical abilities and were able to increase their bodies. This made it possible to occupy large chairs. At the same time, the Arhats, who got rid of all the strata, but are concerned only about themselves, could not do this. This example shows that a person who is moving along the path of self-development, who has altruistic motives, can always count on achieving the maximum result.

What is the family in Buddhism? Does it help you develop spiritually, or does it slow down the process?

About family values in Buddhism

In Buddhism, there is a concept of " three jewels "(Buddha, Dharma, Sangha). Let's try to understand why in Buddhism it is important to have fellow travelers on the spiritual path. A simple example is a twig and a broom. Twig break is very easy, but when a lot of twigs form a broom-it is difficult to do. The philosopher Shantideva wrote that even when you have to sacrifice your life, you should not reject your spiritual friends. Objectively speaking, the family is our closest friends. Even if we cannot find mutual understanding with them, it is pointless to talk further about the principle of the Sangha. It is the family that is the first circle of people that people encounter before making a decision to enter society. If a person could not cope with the first level, then it will be difficult to build a normal relationship with others.

Thus, the principle of the value of the Sangha is also considered in the context of the family, since a community of people who adhere to a single spiritual development can be turned into a Sangha. The main thing to remember is that the best sermon is a personal example. Show your loved ones that you are happy and healthy, and be sure that they will want to share Your path.

How does family help you develop?

There is an opinion that some families embody enemies from past lives. If we assume the truth of this theory, then this is not for punishment, but so that those who in past lives hated each other, were able to interact as closely as possible with each other, resolving all their differences, as well as untying karmic knots, becoming friends. For this reason, it is quite important to realize that our relatives are the strongest karmic ties, and if we can help them on the path of spiritual development, it will be a great benefit, both for ourselves and for them.

Quite often you can hear that one person is on the path of spiritual development, and another family member is not ready to accept changes. In fact, if a person lives just like everyone else, but at some point becomes a teetotaler or a vegetarian. Many people are wary of such changes and are not ready to accept them because of their sharpness. There are many examples of how in one family, one member begins to develop and affects their energy on loved ones. In this regard, the main task is to become a real example and a guiding star for others.

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