Rabbi Beard: priority is the health of parishioners, rather than opening synagogues

Rabbi Beard: priority is the health of parishioners, rather than opening synagogues
The Covid-19 epidemic is on the decline, digital passes have been canceled in Moscow since June 9, churches opened last week, but the doors of synagogues remain closed for parishioners. What is the reason, how it feels, the chief Rabbi of Russia Berel Lazar, was hospitalized with coronavirus what measures the Federation of Jewish communities of Russia (FJC) against the spread of infection will change the Outlook of people after the pandemic and will they return to the offices - in an exclusive interview with RIA Novosti said the President of the FJC Rabbi Alexander Boroda. - Alexander Moiseevich, how does the respected Rabbi Berl Lazar feel and where is he being treated?- Rabbi Berl Lazar is now feeling fine. He was hospitalized on Thursday in a satisfactory condition. The decision to be hospitalized was made by doctors, as his condition required more active treatment.- How is the health of members of his extended family? - Everyone, thank God, is healthy and in order."When and where could he have been infected?" - Rabbi Lazar observed a regime of self-isolation, observed all precautions, so it is very difficult to say for sure. The virus is actively spreading, and since it is impossible to completely isolate yourself from contact with people, it is difficult to fully figure out how and where a person can get infected.- Who of the other prominent figures of FEOR is ill or has already been ill with coronavirus and what is their condition?"First of all, I don't know everything. Secondly, the fact that I know I have no right to disclose without the consent of the people. This is not my confidential information, but directly the people who may be in question. Thank God, there are no fatal cases of infection among the rabbis and religious leaders of the Jewish community.- What measures are being taken by the Jewish communities to combat the epidemic?- The main activity of the community is conducted online. However, enough people still need to be physically present at work in order to implement charitable programs and ensure the work of the community. We observe all necessary personal hygiene measures, are required to constantly wear masks and gloves, and regularly disinfect the premises. We are very interested in testing for antibodies, and we also welcome periodic testing for the presence of coronavirus. And, of course, we haven't shaken hands for more than three months.- When will synagogues and community centers open? Who decides this question?- We act strictly on the instructions of Rospotrebnadzor. Since it has already developed recommendations for opening religious institutions and holding outdoor prayers, we are also developing a plan for the gradual opening of our synagogues and community centers. We want to do everything slowly and as carefully as possible, in compliance with all new social norms, with the mandatory use of personal protective equipment - masks and gloves, and the presence of antiseptic agents in the halls of synagogues and community centers. Try, as far as possible and depends on us, to prevent new cases of infection.In this case, we certainly prioritize the health of our parishioners, rather than opening a day or two earlier."Is the coronavirus epidemic a punishment from God for something, or an instruction for something?"- In General, I am opposed to name any of the epidemic in its pure form is a punishment from God. If we had the power to understand the meaning of everything that happens in this world… Of course, when healthy people get sick and die, we can assume that this is some form of punishment, but we can not determine the exact cause and effect of this: for what and why. In the time of the prophets, they could broadcast the messages of God and explain the signs. Later – in the days of the great sages-the sages could give deep comments on what was happening. Now we can not see the direct instructions of the Almighty, we do not have a clear understanding of the meaning of certain events.But if we talk about our pandemic, a universal human tragedy, it is easy to guess the manifestations of a certain negative reaction of the Almighty to our world. But more than that, something more specific-we can not say.- What are you calling for in this regard?- When such events occur, we simply have to think about what we are doing wrong, what we can fix in ourselves."What do you think?"- The simple answer: between the lack of unity, lack of respect for each other, tolerance.  This is the most obvious and important thing. But there may be many other reasons that a person should look for himself: what needs to change in himself so that this does not happen. Each person's behavior determines not only their fate, but also the fate of many people.- How did the pandemic change people's worldview? "I don't think it's changed. Any things that happen not as a result of personal choice based on human conclusions, but as the influence of some external situation – nothing essentially changes.  The pandemic is an external situation, it has forced people to live for 3 months in a completely new format, in a different dimension. But as soon as the restrictions are lifted, people will return to the previous order, as if nothing happened.- When can we expect to transform the world for the better?- Changes are possible only when there is a real understanding of the positive aspects of the new path, or the effectiveness of other ways of working, another form of relationship. People should come to this by themselves, and not when they are put in those conditions with which they initially did not agree and were forced to comply.- Will employees return to their offices after the pandemic?- During all this time, people have not stopped loving the office, people like to go to work, because it is not only a production process, but also a social process, first of all. It is possible to hold meetings on zoom, of course, but direct interaction with colleagues is much more effective. People leave their homes, talk to other employees, drink coffee, and dress differently. And why should people stop loving it? Someone tells you that the world will be different. I don't see why he should change. And I don't believe that people will want to stay at home anymore after the pandemic.
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