Metropolitan Hilarion: I got the first dose of the vaccine, I won't need the second

Metropolitan Hilarion: I got the first dose of the vaccine, I won't need the second
With the appearance of the world's first coronavirus vaccine in Russia, which was already registered by the Ministry of health in August under the name Sputnik V and put into circulation, believers began to ask spiritual mentors whether to be vaccinated or not, because there are risks. Meanwhile, by mid-September, there are already about 29 million confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the world, more than 900 thousand people have died (such statistics are provided by the official who website), in Russia-more than one million cases and 18 thousand deaths. Metropolitan Hilarion of Volokolamsk, head of the Moscow Patriarchate's Department for external Church relations, told RIA Novosti in an exclusive interview how to weigh the risks and decide whether the fears of a "conspiracy" of pharmacists, "chipping" through vaccination, whether "placebo injection" is correct, whether vaccination against coronavirus is mandatory for the clergy and whether they were vaccinated themselves. Olga Lipich Was Talking.   - Vladyka, your statement about vaccination against COVID-19 was perceived by some as a call of the Church for vaccination – did you understand correctly?   - No, this is not the opinion of the Church, this is my personal opinion. In a situation where there is a choice between the risk of consequences from vaccination and the risk of Contracting coronavirus, I believe that these two risks are not comparable.I have seen several people die from coronavirus in recent months. Among them are priests and monks. They died in terrible suffering, connected to a ventilator. As the saying goes, you don't want your enemy to die like this. And some survived, but remained paralyzed for life. Someone was ill in a severe form, someone in a light, someone asymptomatic.Look at what's happening around you. Since the beginning of September, the numbers of people infected with coronavirus in Russia have been growing, and another record number of infected people has been recorded in the world. This indicates what the doctors warned about: the onset of the so-called second wave. It can be assumed that in October-November, the number of infected and dying people will only grow.In this situation, if someone has a choice-to get vaccinated or not, my opinion is that it is better to get vaccinated.- What is the General situation in the Church with vaccinations, for example, against seasonal flu-are priests and bishops vaccinated?- Some clergymen are vaccinated, others are not. There is no single standard and no enforcement. Everyone does as they see fit. I know of priests who have several children: they are vaccinated together with their wife and children. Others are not vaccinated.But flu or a seasonal cold is one thing, and coronavirus is another. Here, the consequences can be more serious, up to a fatal outcome.- Can the Church strictly oblige monks and priests to be vaccinated against COVID-19? - I hope that no one will oblige anyone to be vaccinated. Voluntariness must be preserved.- There are fears on the Internet that people want to introduce chips to control them through vaccination-what do you think about this?- I think that these concerns are groundless today.The topic of "chipping" in General has become overgrown with a variety of myths. But its connection with the topic of vaccination, in my opinion, exists only in someone's inflamed imagination.- There are also opinions in society about some self-serving game of pharmaceutical companies, even "conspiracies" - do you believe this?- It is difficult for me to answer this question. So far, I have only heard of one vaccine that has passed two stages of testing and is certified. Access to it was granted to volunteers who agreed to experience its effects. And, as far as I understand, access to it will soon be granted to people at risk – doctors and teachers. I hope that it is also voluntary.- But are you 100 percent sure that everyone should be vaccinated without exception and as soon as possible, that the vaccine will not cause much harm to the human immune system, because the research is not complete, the practice of using it has not been accumulated, and Allergy sufferers may have serious side effects?- And I did not say at all that everyone should be vaccinated without exception and as soon as possible. There are people who are generally contraindicated in vaccinations.The Gamalei Moscow Institute (national research center of epidemiology and Microbiology named after N. F. Gamalei of the Ministry of health of the Russian Federation – ed.), which is engaged in the production of the vaccine, explained that the vaccine is contraindicated for those who have hypersensitivity to any of its components, severe allergic reactions, acute infectious and chronic diseases, acute respiratory infections and diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. It is also contraindicated for pregnant women and persons under 18 years of age. In case of an allergic reaction to the first stage of vaccination, the second stage is canceled.- Several vaccines are promised in Russia, on a commercial basis - how to choose?- As for the choice between different vaccines, when such a choice arises, everyone will be able to consult with their doctor. So far, there is no such choice: there is only one vaccine that has already entered civil circulation, and at the same time it continues to be tested on volunteers."Many people don't like the idea of getting a placebo instead of a vaccine. What do you think should be done about this?- Yes, it repels many people. And fair enough. A person should know what they have been injected with, because depending on this, they will determine their behavior.As a non-specialist, it seems to me that in a pandemic, it would be right for all volunteers to inject a vaccine, and not a placebo. But experts explain that in this case, the vaccine will not receive international recognition, since international rules require that a quarter of test participants receive a placebo instead of the vaccine. I find it difficult to comment on these rules in any way.In any case, within a month, each of the volunteers will understand what exactly they were injected with: a vaccine or a placebo. Because if the antibodies don't show up after the second shot, then it wasn't a vaccine. Another sign is the presence or absence of visible consequences of the injection. If the temperature rises after the injection, or there is weakness and drowsiness, this is a sure sign that the vaccine was injected. Although some vaccinated people do not have any visible consequences.- Will you be vaccinated personally?- Back in June, when I was asked by a TV presenter on the Church and the world program whether I would agree to be a volunteer, I said that I would agree. And when this opportunity recently presented itself, I received the first dose of the vaccine. And the second dose, apparently, will not be necessary, since I already have a sufficient amount of antibodies in my blood, which was the result of pneumonia that I suffered back in may.Then one priest of our Church got infected with the coronavirus, and I got infected with it at the same time. He was ill for three weeks in a relatively mild form, was on self-isolation. But the antibodies appeared even then, and the first dose of the vaccine significantly increased their number.- Have your relatives, colleagues, and friends been vaccinated? What were the consequences?- Some were vaccinated. Someone had no visible consequences, someone had a fever, weakness and drowsiness, one even had convulsions, fever (severe shivering) and numbness of the limbs, another had a severe stomach upset. However, experts (here again we have to rely on them) say that convulsions, numbness of the limbs, fever and upset stomach are atypical consequences of vaccination and most likely are not associated with vaccination at all. However, since such phenomena have been observed, I consider it my duty to mention them.- Patriarch Kirill will be vaccinated and when?"I don't know anything about that.
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