Chief physician: a respirator and physical activity will help you not get sick COVID-19

Chief physician: a respirator and physical activity will help you not get sick COVID-19
MOSCOW, July 22-RIA Novosti, Artem Budyonny. The coronavirus epidemic in Moscow is on the wane, but experts say that a "second wave"is possible in the fall. Alexey Zarov, head doctor of the Central clinical hospital named after Saint Alexy, told RIA Novosti about whether doctors are ready for it , what tests for COVID are the most accurate, and whether priests are allowed to see patients with "pestilence" in the Church hospital.  Artem Budyonny Was Talking. - Our hospital was not repurposed to treat patients with COVID-19, we focused on the diagnosis of coronavirus infection. During hospitalization, we make sure that all patients are diagnosed with COVID-19, including MSCT, oropharyngeal smear for PCR, and blood tests for antibodies. If we detect COVID-19, depending on the severity of the condition, we send it for treatment at home or to a specialized hospital.We also test the population attached to our clinic for medical reasons. And the clergy of the Russian Orthodox Church and employees of Church organizations can pass the COVID test here, even if they are not attached to the hospital of St. Alexy.Some people think that because the hospital is a Church hospital, it is exclusively for the clergy or employees of the ROC, but this is not the case. Last year, almost 8,000 people were hospitalized with various diagnoses, of which only 522 were monks or clergy.- What methods of testing for coronavirus, in Your opinion, are the most and least accurate?- Most often, the diagnosis requires a combination of laboratory diagnostics methods PCR and ELISA for antibodies, as well as CT. In our hospital, we use all possible diagnostics.In early March, we organized a CT outpatient center. In it, the patient can undergo a full examination: a doctor's examination, a CT scan, a smear for PCR research, and laboratory blood tests for antibodies. As soon as there were domestic test systems for the quantitative determination of antibodies, we immediately organized diagnostics in our laboratory, equipping it with an enzyme immunoassay.We also created a field service that worked in monasteries, parishes, and other religious organizations. Among the monasteries, they visited Donskoy, Novospassky, St. Peter's, Danilov, Rozhdestvensky, John the Baptist, Zaikonospassky, Nikolo-Ugreshsky, Marfo-Mariinsky monastery. The largest number of people in one trip was examined at the Moscow theological Academy: 170 students and teachers. We also went to the Moscow region and regions, as it is more difficult to get help there. At the moment, more than 250 trips have already been made.- What other changes did the epidemic bring to the hospital?- The coronavirus infection has made great changes in the work of the hospital – both as a polyclinic and as a hospital. At the height of the epidemic, planned hospitalization was temporarily closed, as in all Moscow hospitals. But even then, hospital admissions to emergency surgery did not stop, and palliative care units were operating. Our visiting nursing service came, in part, to advise remotely. And we have not stopped providing medical care to patients suffering from cancer and undergoing chemotherapy in a day hospital.  Recently, we have been paying great attention to the development of the Oncology service: in addition to the day hospital, there is a palliative care center (about a third of patients are with cancer). Oncologists and vascular surgeons perform implantation of venous port systems for chemotherapy. Now in the hospital, all surgical profiles of the hospital are working normally."Do priests and relatives have access to hospital patients?"Since the end of March, not only here, but also in other Moscow hospitals, the access of visitors to patients is restricted. In our hospital, the priests have access to all patients, including those who were admitted with a suspected coronavirus infection. Priests are provided with a full set of personal protective equipment. - Why did you open access for priests to patients with suspected COVID?We believe it is important that a priest in our hospital can visit anyone who wishes to do so. The priest provides the necessary spiritual support, eases the suffering of the patient and helps to experience life's trials. Moreover, many Orthodox believers come to our hospital, for whom participation in Church Sacraments is a part of their life. - What is the current situation in Moscow with visiting hospital patients by priests? You said earlier that the situation is improving.As far as I know, not all Moscow covid hospitals still have access for priests to patients who seek pastoral care. We hope that, taking into account the overall improvement of the epidemiological situation, a transparent and clear mechanism will be created for visiting priests who are in "covid" hospitals and who ask for it.This is the second year that our hospital has been the base for courses for assistant hospital priests.they are conducted by the Commission on hospital service under the Diocesan Council of Moscow, which is headed by Bishop Panteleimon of Orekhovo-zuyevsky. And I know how responsibly they approach training and compliance with security measures. One of our hospital churches was handed over to the Commission this year so that hospital priests and their assistants could regularly pray and gather together. And we hope that this will be an additional incentive for the development of hospital services in Moscow and Russia. - Are there any cases of infection or death of hospital employees from coronavirus?- Medical workers are always at high risk-in addition to the fact that they, for example, also go to the store and use public transport. Of course, we have employees who have suffered a coronavirus infection. Thank God, everyone is alive and almost everyone is already healthy.- What is the motivation for working with coronavirus patients in the doctors of St. Alexius hospital?- The main motivation is to serve suffering people, our neighbors. I am sure that our wonderful doctors, nurses, orderlies and ambulance drivers are doing this work according to their calling. - Did the hospital receive additional funds to fight the coronavirus?- The situation developed rapidly and sharply required large expenditures, including on new equipment and means of protection.  St. Alexius hospital is a non-profit organization that needs charitable support. Moreover, we have not been allocated state funding to fight COVID-19. We are supported by volunteers and friends of the hospital. At the height of the epidemic, Norilsk Nickel President Vladimir Potanin allocated money to fight coronavirus infection - and this was a huge support for us. Because these funds allowed us to quickly organize PCR and ELISA diagnostics (detection of antibodies to COVID-19 using the method of enzyme immunoassay-ed.): the hospital purchased equipment for a PCR laboratory, an enzyme immunoassay and a computer tomograph. In addition, we used these funds to buy a car for the field service, modernize the resuscitation rooms, and purchase 4 additional ventilators and hemofiltration devices.- Are doctors ready for the second wave of the epidemic?- I really wish there was no second wave. But if it does happen, then both doctors and our healthcare system as a whole already have invaluable experience in fighting coronavirus infection. Medical organizations are now being retrofitted, not just our hospital. Many people may already have immunity because they have had a coronavirus infection. In our society, the share of covid sceptics has sharply decreased – this should also have a positive impact if the "second wave"begins. We are waiting for specific prevention of coronavirus infection. I hope that the epidemic will remain only in memory after a while, as well as other epidemics, which in the history of mankind were not few.- What can you advise people to protect themselves and their loved ones during the epidemic?- Since this is an infection transmitted by airborne droplets, of all personal protective equipment, the most important is the one that covers the respiratory tract - a mask or respirator. Of course, it is important to maintain a healthy lifestyle and a healthy diet. In my opinion, in order not to get sick or transfer the disease more easily, it is very important to maintain physical activity, for example: walking in the fresh air or running. As for me, I try to exercise regularly and do not miss my daily running workouts. - What do you need to get help at St. Alexius hospital? Our patients can be people from Moscow and other regions, regardless of their religion. We do not have paid medical services: we provide assistance to patients under the CHI policy.  For hospitalization, you need to have a policy and a referral from our or any other polyclinic for examination and treatment at St. Alexy's Hospital. Details can be found on the website https://pravbolnitsa.ruБывает that a person needs urgent medical care, but does not have the necessary documents – we accept such patients. Hospitalization in palliative care units is carried out through our outpatient palliative care office. In addition to routine hospitalization, we provide emergency ambulance services to Muscovites in the field of surgery: we receive emergency medical services around the clock.You can also attach to the clinic of our hospital. Each person can choose one clinic where they will receive medical services under the MHI. To do this, you need to write a statement. You can change the clinic once a year.
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