The fate of the Vissarion sect is predicted for the Sredneuralsky monastery;

The fate of the Vissarion sect is predicted for the Sredneuralsky monastery;
MOSCOW, October 6 — RIA Novosti, Oleg Nalesnik. The investigative Committee of Russia suspected of child abuse of the inhabitants of the Sredneuralsky monastery, which is headed by the scandalous monk Sergiy Romanov. In September, he was excommunicated from the Church, but he refuses to leave the monastery, where he was fenced off from the outside world along with hundreds of supporters. Now the leader of the sect and his entourage are facing prison. About the circumstances of the case — in the material RIA Novosti. Since mid-summer, the Sredneuralsky convent has been almost completely closed. There are only supporters of Sergius Romanov. Together with the excommunicated monk, they pray and perform the sacraments, which, however, are considered invalid. Outsiders, as the locals say, are not allowed outside the walls of the monastery. Two weeks ago, representatives of the diocese were expelled from here, who wanted to conduct an inventory. The Yekaterinburg Archdiocese believes that abbess Varvara (Krygina) is in charge of the monastery. In the spring, she fell out with Romanov — the actual owner of the monastery. Supporters of the former schema-monk, in turn, say that this is a private territory and "everything here appeared thanks to father Sergius."This is not just a monastery, but a real mini-city. In addition to the temple, residential buildings, there are workshops, a canteen, a school and a hospice. Romanov's supporters claim that more than 500 people live outside the monastery walls. Including several dozen children.Law enforcement agencies became interested in them. According to the investigative Committee of Russia, from 2004 to 2019, unidentified persons, "based on a false understanding of the upbringing process," beat seven minors on the territory of the monastery. And four children lived in the monastery without their legal representatives.This refers to a monastery shelter that appeared in the early noughties and is not officially registered anywhere. Romanov's followers sent their children there: some for a few months, some for a few years. There they were raised by nuns who taught school subjects. And the assistants of Sergius himself — they beat the children.This is stated by some former pupils. Christina Samoshkina came to the monastery, when the shelter had just opened."I didn't even notice how they crossed the line. Father Sergiy Romanov gave orders to broad — shouldered men to beat them. <...> How I was treated, I remember. They beat me and told me that my dad knew about it — "you don't have to complain to him." He came, I didn't say anything. Loved him and hated him. Inside, she screamed, " dad, how can you?" And he didn't suspect anything," she tells reporters.This lasted, according to her, five years. And for many years, Christina was afraid to admit what had happened. I decided only this summer, when the noise around Romanov rose.Throughout the summer, the local diocese collected data on violence in the Sredneuralskaya monastery. The testimonies of former pupils are mostly anonymous. Anna Kuznetsova, the Commissioner for children's rights in Russia, became interested in the problem. She asked the Prosecutor General's office and the Investigative Committee to investigate.The August news about the death of a 15-year-old girl who was brought to the monastery by her parents added fuel to the fire. Supporters of Sergius claimed that she was suffering from late-stage brain cancer. Media reported that her body was found traces of beatings. However, the regional office of the UK said at the time: "The injury is minor and not of a criminal nature."In parallel, law enforcement officers conducted a pre-investigation check based on complaints from former pupils. And "found good reasons" to initiate criminal proceedings, believes the Commissioner for children's rights in the Sverdlovsk region Igor MOROKOV."I know that both the children living in the monastery and their parents were interviewed. Apparently, the pre-investigation check failed to establish something, because there the powers of the investigator are limited. I do not exclude that the decision to open a criminal case was made to check this information, to put all the dots on the i," he explained to RIA Novosti.The monastery denies the charges. According to Vsevolod Moguchev, who represents Romanov in the outside world, over the course of ten years, law enforcement officers came to the monastery several times to check information about violence. And nothing was confirmed.Moguchev refers to a Statement published online by Elena Nikolenko, who was a police inspector for minors in Sredneuralsk from 2004 to 2017. She claims that there was no violence against children in the shelter, "especially sexual". And clarifies: she also gave her children to be raised in a monastery, "on the advice of a priest."Human rights activists believe that zombie Novels by others. In fact, he organized a closed sect, so information about child abuse did not leak to the outside world."people bullied children as Romanov pointed out to them. He is a man without education, but he had his own view on all things, including education," Roman Silantyev, Director of the human rights center of the world Russian people's Council, told RIA Novosti.According to him, the victims may be "hundreds of people". After all, children were given to the orphanage for supposedly "correct upbringing" or in the hope that an excommunicated schema monk would cure them of a particular disease."There were also fictional diseases: people thought that their child was "possessed by demons", although it was either about mental problems, or they were completely healthy, just the specifics of growing up left an imprint on behavior," adds Silantyev.If the UK proves the guilt of Romanov and his supporters, they, the human rights activist believes, will face the fate of the "Vissarion sect" — at the end of September, its leader Sergei Torop was arrested along with his entourage. And then the scandal around the Sredneuralsky monastery will be put to an end.
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