"Another mountain". Where exactly did the Transfiguration of the Lord take place

"Another mountain". Where exactly did the Transfiguration of the Lord take place
MOSCOW, 19 Aug-RIA Novosti. Orthodox Christians celebrate the Transfiguration of the Lord, in the people-the Apple Saviour. On this day, special services are performed in temples, and the Orthodox monastery on mount Tabor in Israel becomes the center of the celebrations. However, the Scripture does not name the mountain where the event took place — researchers are still arguing about this. About the versions of scientists - in the material RIA Novosti.The feast of the Transfiguration of the Lord is probably one of the most favorite among believers. A special service is held in churches and beautiful hymns are sung. The clergy wear white robes. The color is chosen for a reason: it symbolizes the radiance that comes from the Savior.Shortly before his death on the cross and resurrection, Christ preached in Galilee. One day, he called his closest disciples, Peter, James, and John, to pray together. And they climbed a "particularly high mountain"."His clothes became shining, very white, like snow, as on earth a whitewasher cannot whiten. And Elijah appeared to them with Moses (the greatest old Testament prophets for Christians. - Ed.); and conversed with Jesus, " says the Evangelist mark.Then a cloud covered the top of the mountain. From him, according to the Scriptures, "a voice went forth saying, This is My beloved Son; listen to Him."Another Evangelist, Matthew, adds: the apostles were seized with horror and "fell on their faces.""But Jesus came and touched them, and said, arise, and be not afraid. When they lifted up their eyes, they saw no one but Jesus alone, " says the gospel of Matthew.The Saviour forbade them to tell what they had seen "until the Son of Man rises from the dead." This scared the students even more.The miraculous event later became one of the Christian dogmas. According to the theological interpretation, at this moment not only all three Persons of the most Holy Trinity were revealed, but also the essence of Christ — human and divine.In addition, as the Church teaches, people discovered that they themselves can achieve the transformation. And not only internal-but also physical, visible. In the Middle ages, there was even a special term - "Tabor light". The name of the phenomenon was given by theologians from mount Tabor. Many believe that this is where the Lord was transformed. But here's the problem: The gospel, despite its detailed description of the event, does not indicate where it occurred. Nevertheless, as early as the third century, Christians believed that the place of Transfiguration was Tabor. This was written, for example, by Origen — a well-known Christian thinker of the time."These ideas are based on a tradition that was passed from mouth to mouth. In addition, there were temples there in the IV century, " explains Archpriest Konstantin Polskov, associate Professor of the Department of biblical studies at the faculty of theology of the Orthodox St. Tikhon's University for the Humanities.The first Church, according to the Chronicles, was built in 326 by order of Elena-the mother of the Emperor Constantine. Tabor as a place of transformation was pointed out to her by local residents.In a few years, the mountain became a center of pilgrimage. In the VIII century, a monastery was built, now there are two monasteries — Catholic and Orthodox."It is interesting, but the gospel shows a completely different mountain. The Scripture says: it was " a place of solitude." Tabor is not like this — there were troops at its foot in the I century, " father Konstantin draws attention.In recent decades, more and more researchers have named the highest point in Israel — Hermon (Hermon) as a possible place of transformation.However, this is not a mountain in the classical sense. This is an array with several peaks on the territory of the state of Israel and neighboring Lebanon and Syria."It is unlikely that the Transfiguration of the Lord took place at the very top: it's too high. According to one traveler, with his group, he reached the highest point on horseback in five hours," writes the famous American biblical scholar William Barclay in a study on this topic.In his opinion, the description is more suitable for one of the spurs of the mountain on the Israeli side. There are many "secluded" and "very high" places.Another detail speaks in favor of the Hermon version: before the Transfiguration, the evangelists tell us that the Savior and his disciples visited the village of Caesarea Phillipov at the foot of the mountain. He probably returned there afterward. And then" across the whole of Galilee " went to the lake of Tiberias. And from there to the South — towards Jerusalem.Tabor is located to the West of the reservoir, near Nazareth. Barclay points out: why would Christ and his disciples walk almost a hundred kilometers from Caesarea, turn back, and then move South again?In addition, mount Tabor is quite low — 575 meters above sea level. Hermon is 2860 meters."It can be seen from the Dead sea, from the other end of Palestine, from a distance of 160 kilometers," the biblical scholar notes.In addition, the top of Hermon, unlike Tabor, is snow-covered. And the evangelists, according to Barclay, did not just emphasize that the clothes of the transfigured Saviour became " resplendent, very white as snow."However, not all researchers agree with this version. Scientists argue about who lived in the vicinity of Hermon. The Scripture says that when Christ came down from the mountain, "many people met him." He healed them and instructed them. It seems to be about Jews. If they were pagans, the evangelists would have mentioned it.According to archaeological finds, they settled there in the first century ad. In the old Testament, the mountain is referred to as "the extreme limit of the Promised Land", so it is unlikely that Jews lived near it.But there were a lot of Jewish settlements near the other peak — Meron. This is the highest mountain in Galilee, the region where Christ preached. According to a number of scientists, the transformation could have occurred there.The height of the mountain is 1208 meters, it takes only half a day to reach the top. In addition, there is often snow. However, critics of the Meron version emphasize that the mountain is mentioned only once in the Bible. But Hermon and Tabor are given more attention — they even appear in the prophecies about Christ."There are lines in the Psalms of David: "Tabor and Hermon will rejoice in your name." And the favorite is in the first place, which is indicative. Perhaps this phrase defined the place of the Transfiguration of the Lord in the religious consciousness, " says father Konstantin Polskov.According to him, it is impossible to explain logically why Tabor — but Christian tradition from the first centuries unanimously names this mountain. However, for believers, the event itself is more important than its details.
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