About us

«The Way of Religions» - a project that combines 6 religions: Buddhism, Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Taoism and Hinduism. The main idea of the project is to create a place where representatives of different religious faiths can explore the world and learn something new, Express their thoughts freely, without limits and censorship, communicate with anyone using their personal account (so-called round tables) in any language, or with the audience using a personal blog.

Shopping marketplace

The site has a product marketplace (e-Commerce platform) where anyone can register and publish their products for sale. The advantage of the service for individuals and stores is that publishing products is absolutely free, and you can place them both manually and automatically. Delivery of goods is carried out anywhere in the world.


On the portal, any user can contact a representative of any religious denomination from any city or country via video conference. You can create a video conference in your personal account.

E-the Church

Using the same video conferences, you can contact a priest, a master of Eastern philosophies, or a spiritual mentor and order an electronic prayer or confession from them. The service is provided for representatives of any religious faiths, for users who want to convey their idea or sermon, share a religious discovery, ancient Eastern records.